Gauteng Department of Human Settlements fails to spend and reach its targets

Honourable Members, Fellow South Africans

The Department of Human Settlements is the  one of the worst performing departments when it comes to the delivery of services to residents of Gauteng.

The 2016/17 Annual Report of the Department of Human Settlements indicates that the department has spent 98% of its budget and delivered only 53% of its targets.

This indicates that the department has money but it is failing to plan their projects properly and deliver timeously.

Hence, we have numerous number of unfinished housing projects across the province with no proper timelines on when will they be completed.

This department lacks project management skills and political leadership that can task the officials to do their duties and monitor all the provincial housing projects.

The department’s money is not being effectively spent as can be seen in with some of the unfinished housing projects and poorly maintained.

The only thing that the MEC and his department are good at is on jumping from one project to another and neglecting the unfinished projects.

Furthermore, in three municipalities in the West Rand, that were allocated money for BNG houses and for improving the mining towns, have not yet spent any of the monies allocated.

MEC it is for the third year that Gauteng has failed to spend on this project of improving conditions in mining towns.

The people of Bekkersdal, Kokosi and Rand West do not have proper services due to the departments’ failure to spend money to improve their living conditions.

MEC, what are the plans with regards to the vandalised Dube hostel upgrade? This development is not secure and people are continuing to vandalise the property and steal bricks and slabs.

I conclude that there is no reason whatsoever why the people of Gauteng should continue to have this government post 2019. The people of Gauteng deserve a New Beginning, we deserve a caring government, a government that will deliver the much-needed houses to the people of our province. The DA is the only answer for a new beginning.

I thank you, Ndza Khensa