Premier Makhura: a leader who lacks substance

The following speech was delivered today at the DA’s silent protest at the Office of the Premier, calling on him to appoint a commission of inquiry into sexual abuse and related matters at Gauteng’s schools.


Thank you for coming out here today in support of the many victims of sexual abuse in our schools, in work places, at home and in our communities and even within some of the ANC governments.

Our efforts here won’t take away their pain, suffering and agony nor their horrific and traumatizing memory of abuse, but I am certain this protest today, provides them with some comfort and hope that tomorrow might be better than today.

My message today, is not only toward the abused, the downtrodden and the vulnerable residents of our great province, it is to every single one of you, from all corners of Gauteng, for all peoples who have come here, searching greener pastures as this province still stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.

My message to all of you, fellow democrats, is that the only political party that will restore hope and see a new beginning for our country and our province is the Democratic Alliance.

The road to 2019 has already begun, and what the DA has to offer in provincial government will usher in an era of total change that will see Gauteng flourish and regain its spot as the number one economic hub in Africa.

This change in provincial government will see millions if not billions of rands in corruption uncovered and many more crooks behind bars, it will see more skilled young people in jobs that will enable them to secure a future for their children and pay it forward for generations to come.

A provincial government that is able to provide a better quality affordable housing opportunity to all who have been waiting for far too long, because the lists were corrupt.

A provincial government that will not simply waste money on talk-shops and multiple conferences simply talking and printing booklets of plans yet to materialise, one example is Premier Makhura’s Ntirhisano service delivery projects.

Democrats, be careful of these Ntirhisano-evangelical politicians, they are only out to visit and care about you when they need to use you every five years, to use you as voting fodder. Thereafter they simply just to go back to their lavish lives while we as ordinary residents face the reality in Gauteng daily.

The Premier’s Ntirhisano project launched in 2014 was aimed at accelerating service delivery, but it has only wasted another three more valuable years of your time in waiting for roads to be fixed, tolls to be scrapped, housing projects to be completed, libraries to open, honest open tenders to be awarded and more importantly to ensure that our residents feel safe, protected and trust the provincial government to do so.

What has the Premier’s done for you? Where was the Premier’s Ntirhisano squad when over 118+ mentally ill patients were illegally transferred to unlicensed facilities and had subsequently died?

Where is the Premier, when hundreds of zama-zama’s die as battles rage on closed gold mines, see the desperation of the men and women who need to ensure their loved ones get at least a plate of food before they go to bed.

What about the thousands who are found at our cemeteries, who had died tragic deaths on our roads, thousands of residents private and most intimates spaces are invaded as homes are burgled and cars are hijacked on our roads.

Farmers and farming communities, who ensure our food security, are brutally and inhumanely attacked and killed on their property. Women and child abuse is the order of the day. Our communities remain ravaged by drug abuse. This week alone, Gauteng was revealed as being the country’s most dangerous province.

Democrats this is a legacy the ANC and Premier Makhura is leaving for our children. A legacy the DA can and will undo.

Premier Makhura, remains unseen and uncaring, while our people continue to suffer.

He seems to believe that sponsoring a couple of cars to SAPS will heal the agony and misery of young primary school sexually abused victims.

He does not take action against his MECs, involved in any scandal, just like Qedani Mahlangu, who lied and said she’s busy with exams and couldn’t testify before the Esidimeni commission of inquiry.

Yet, the Premier believes that his appointment of the “task team of three” are capable of managing the scourge of sexual abuse in our schools. These are the future leaders of our country, it cannot be that hundreds become thousands before Premier Makhura decides to act and show leadership.

Our children deserve to be kept safe. Our children deserve more from this government.

Why is the Premier not using his constitutional mandate to appoint this commission of inquiry which will be able to address sexual abuse that has become rampant in our schools?

The 87 brave young learners from AB Xuma Primary School in Soweto spoke out against one abominable patroller, yet ANC Premier, David Makhura cannot speak up for any one of them and many others who are too afraid to break their silence.

This was an opportunity the Premier could have taken to at least show our young children that “heroes” still exist. That government is not a scary grey-dull and old looking building, but that it is a place whereby hard-fought and hard-won values of freedom are championed.

It is your choice, Premier Makhura, will you show the young and vulnerable children and youth that may lead this country one day, that you are able to care and that you can be “hero” or will you choose to hide and make this a political matter?

Premier Makhura be a hero and appoint a commission of inquiry now, lives depend on it!