Gauteng Enterprise Propeller washes away R1.4 million on car cleaning project


The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) has squandered R1.4 million on an unfavourable eco-car wash programme which was rolled out to a handful of beneficiaries in townships across Gauteng.

Twenty beneficiaries were identified and supplied with GEP branded, portable Gauteng Enterprise Propeller devices. The intention behind this project was to decrease water use and make traditional car wash owners aware of the scarcity of water.

However, subsequent to the rollout of these machines, it has become evident that some car wash owners do not find these units beneficial and have reverted back to the traditional method of washing cars.

When quizzed as to what research was done prior to the initiation of this project, to check if this would be a worthwhile investment, Gauteng MEC for Economic Development, Lebogang Maile simply stated that the market was big enough to absorb this roll-out.

No question was asked as to whether or not car wash owners would be interested in receiving these devices.

R1.4 million later, and only now are the facts becoming evident.

MEC Maile should be more prudent with the money that he so frivolously spends, as this money is not his to carry out pet projects, but the money of Gauteng’s residents who are in dire need of a bolstered economy that is creating jobs and opportunities to succeed.

The DA will follow up on this issue and see what other novelty projects have taken the MEC’s fancy before more public funds are spent with reckless abandon.