Merafong fleecing motorists to fill its empty coffers

The Merafong Municipality has embarked on a campaign of fleecing motorists through the use of mobile camera speed traps to fill up its empty coffers.

The following table shows a sharp spike in revenue collected since the start of this financial year:

Month Target Collected
May 17 274 619 R 367 421
June 17 274 619 R 703 130
July 17 274 619 R 803 725
Aug 17 274 619 R 1 067 801
Sept 17 274 619 R 1 029 183

Merafong is experiencing the worst financial crisis in its history under the hapless and arrogant leadership of the ANC-led Council. The council has had to receive a bail-out by the provincial government to ensure that Eskom does not plunge residents into darkness.

The sharp increase in the collection traffic fines begs the question- is Merafong engaging in blatantly predatory practices to wring cash out of its motorists through dodgy law enforcement?

It is highly suspicious that there has suddenly been an over-collection on camera speed fines by up to 388%.

Traffic law enforcement is meant to make roads safer and encourage motorists to be compliant in the interests of road safety and the preservation of human life.

Visible policing is far more effective than camera-based enforcement which is often contentious as the equipment used is subject to routine calibration, which is often not done.

It appears as if Merafong is engaging in “cash cowing” to augment its appallingly low revenue collection levels.

The DA will be following up with the MMC for Community Safety in Merafong to get to the bottom of this suspicious practice to ensure that residents are not becoming scapegoats for the ANC’s poor financial management.

Please find attached sound bites by Ina Cilliers in English and Afrikaans.