Emfuleni Mayor: ANC in Gauteng cannot be trusted to lead

The Gauteng ANC’s brazen shamelessness in placing Emfuleni Mayor Simon Mofokeng on “special leave” is a slap in the face of all victims of sexual abuse who are left with the huge burden of coming to terms with what was done to them.

The ANC’s continuous rhetoric on “condemning” sexual violence against woman and children means absolutely nothing, when no strong action is taken.

Why not fire Simon Mofokeng from his post as ANC Sedibeng Regional Chairperson and remove him as Mayor?

The ANC has through this decision to place him on “special leave”, sent a clear message that they simply do not care about the victim, a 14-year-old girl who has experienced immense trauma. Instead, the ANC have chosen to shield the Mayor and protect someone who has done the most despicable of acts.

Despite the ongoing investigation by the South African Police Service and the fact that the matter will be heard before the Vanderbijlpark Magistrates Court on Friday 3 November 2017, Mofokeng could have been removed due to his many other governance failures in running the Emfuleni municipality.

Over the past few months and most recently as last week, various sex pest cases have come to light with courts across the province hearing cases; not even our classrooms are safe anymore.

The ANC’s dithering on this matter in which they had an opportunity to make an example of Simon Mofokeng shows that serious allegations of a sexual nature are swept under the carpet.

Time and time again, the ANC shows that it is without credible leaders who put the people first. The people of Emfuleni deserve better; they deserve a new beginning.

The DA firmly believes that Mayor Simon Mofokeng is unfit to hold public office. We will continue to robustly pursue all avenues available to ensure that justice prevails.