No accountability for Jeppe Street Clinic delays

Despite contractors not lifting a finger for five months to repair the Jeppe Street Clinic, Gauteng MEC for Infrastructure Development, Jacob Mamabolo has stated no action will be taken against either the contractors involved or departmental officials that failed to monitor the project.

This speaks volumes to the lack of political will shown by this ANC-led administration to effectively implement projects that ultimately effect service delivery.

The Jeppe Street Clinic has been closed since April this year and was due to be reopened at the end of this month, but as yet no work has taken place.

Despite this, without a single step being taken to repair the damaged roof and rotten walls, MEC Mamabolo has stated that the clinic will be open come 1 October 2017 and all repairs will be complete.

It is concerning that work, which should have taken five months to complete, is now going to be rushed in just under two weeks. This is probably due to the fact that the MEC is attempting to save face in another one of his PR exercises.

The DA will monitor these renovations and request to be supplied with compliance certificates for the work carried out.

The safety of the 2500 patients who make use of the clinic should not be jeopardised at the expense of the MEC’s ego.