DA debates Motion on the State of Financial Governance in Gauteng

The following speeches were delivered in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature today by DA Gauteng Shadow MEC on Finance, Adriana Randall MPL and DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Graham Gersbach MPL, during a debate on the state of financial governance within the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Adriana Randall MPL

“Gauteng’s financial state: critical but stable”

• In an economic slump with tight public finances, government needs new ways of responding to local realities. It should orchestrate efforts throughout society which actively support people’s struggles to get ahead, not just enable them to get by;
• Provincial departmental budgets need to be fully aligned with the economic recovery and growth plan which has the strategic objectives of restoring growth, building a globally competitive economy and investing in the people of Gauteng;
• A DA government will remove the classic barriers for business formation and growth – namely access to funding, restrictive labour laws and red- tape. This is one of the most effective vehicles to stimulate economic growth and to create jobs.
• The key to achieving successful procurement reform is to embrace technological advancements which streamline processes and are based on the principles of control, transparency and auditability.

The full speech can be obtained here.

Graham Gersbach MPL

“Audit reports expose Gauteng’s unsavoury financial practices”

• Funding on the Gauteng Urban Renewal Programme was found to be used for projects not fully aligned to business plans, by the Auditor General of South Africa;
• Integrated Transport Planning across Gauteng is way behind schedule with Ekurhuleni’s metro bus still not truly operational; and
• In human settlements, hostel conversions and the delivery of dignified housing has been sluggish. Stands are sold illegally, corruption plagues housing lists in the province and the budgets including conditional grant funding are underspent by the department and sent back to treasury.

The full speech can be obtained here.