GP Economic Development misses job creation targets by 85%

According to its quarterly report, the Gauteng Department of Economic Development committed to creating 2 400 jobs in the first quarter of the 2017/18 financial year but only managed to create 381 jobs. This denotes performance of just over 15%. This is another clear illustration of the poor economic policies and self-interested leadership of the ANC.

Coupled with the recent StatsSA report entitled “Poverty trends in South Africa: An examination of absolute poverty from 2006-2015”, which shows that more South Africans are being strangled by poverty, it is evident that the uncaring ANC government has no plan to build a dynamic and inclusive economy that provides a platform for much-needed job creation and opportunities for the people of Gauteng and across the country.

The reality is that under an ANC government, which is only committed to self-enrichment, corruption and protecting Jacob Zuma, the people of Gauteng will never be able to enjoy the dignity of a job.

The following entities under the Gauteng Department of Economic Development failed to honour their job creation commitment to the people of province:


Entity Jobs Target Performance
Gauteng Enterprise Propeller 671 195
Gauteng Growth and Development Agency 1 229 186
Gauteng Tourism 500 0


When the people of Gauteng vote for a Democratic Alliance-led government in 2019, we will build an efficient and caring administration.

In building an inclusive economy, the DA will ensure that we are able to attract investment; build a meaningful relationship between government and business; create an environment that makes it easier for small businesses to be established and flourish and; work with institutions of higher education so that that departments attract the best talent and make skills deficiencies a thing of the past.

Gauteng is ready for a new beginning under a DA-led government.