Gauteng ANC Premier spent R5.1 million on Gupta media

ANC Gauteng Premier, David Makhura revealed in a reply to a DA question in the Legislature that his office cumulatively spent over R5.1 million on Gupta-owned media.

In the past six years, the Premier’s office spent R4.7 million on advertising in The New Age and spent over R460 000 between the period of May 2015 to August 2016 alone.

The ANC in Gauteng would like to distance themselves from the National ANC and the Guptas, yet continue to fund their propaganda newspaper and broadcast channels.

The Office of the Premier’s entire advertising budget is well over R127 million for the past 7 years.

The Premier’s propaganda machinery is hard at work painting a glossy image of a Premier hard at work. However, the reality on the ground is a completely different story.

Instead of spending millions on unnecessary advertising on projects and programmes which are freely available, the Premier chooses to prop up his public image.

It is a shame that the Premier needs to spend millions on vanity projects when action could speak louder than a couple of A5 print pieces and billboards.

The DA in Gauteng will continue to monitor expenditure trends with regards to advertising and the ANC Gauteng’s close links with Gupta media.

It is our hope that many more South Africans will open their eyes and truly see the ANC for what it is, a failed organisation, under threat. There is no difference between the ANC in Gauteng and the National ANC, they are working together to protect President Jacob Zuma and his corrupt cronies, the Guptas.