Emfuleni protests indicative of an uncaring ANC government

Numerous protests have flared up in the Emfuleni Local Municipality. Residents’ frustrations stem from the lack of service delivery, RDP housing corruption and officials allegedly dishing out jobs and houses to ANC supporters.

The DA has challenged Emfuleni Executive Mayor, Simon Mofokeng, to a debate on service delivery and to address the numerous concerns of residents. Sadly, Mayor Mofokeng is still in hiding as he faces a number of investigations into his alleged money laundering schemes and claims that his life is in danger.

As a leader of the community, Mayor Mofokeng has a mandate to fulfil, one of which is to be responsive to calls by the residents to tackle service delivery and claims of corruption.

The DA condemns the violence and looting during these protests and will in the coming weeks engage with residents on their concerns and will provide feedback to Mayor Mofokengs office.

The ANC has no regard for the people, despite the many that are stuck in abject poverty and feel a sense of hopelessness.

The DA will address these challenges in the local council in order to fast-track service delivery and to ensure that housing allocations take place in an open and transparent manner.

Mayor Mofokeng will be held accountable for his non-action in addressing the myriad of concerns by residents. Enough is enough.

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