ANC thugs attack peaceful DA protestor


The DA today led a peaceful and lawful march of over 20,000 people through the Johannesburg CBD, uniting people from all sectors in opposition to the reckless Jacob Zuma.


The clear message from the thousands at our March for Change was that it is time for the ANC to act against Jacob Zuma.


After our peaceful march, a DA supporter was violently attacked by ANC thugs. The DA strongly condemns the violence by ANC thugs who attacked this DA supporter.


We have long held that the ANC uses intimidation and bullying tactics towards those who disagree with them, and their tactics of intimidation and war talk, in the run up to today’s March for Change have now had consequences.


There is no place for violence in our democratic society. The constitution provides all South Africans with the right to peacefully march and protest.


The ANC has once again shown that it disregards the constitution and the rights enshrined therein.


It is our hope that those who perpetrated violence this morning will be brought to book. We expect a thorough investigation from the SAPS.


The DA will not be deterred by thuggery and the moral bankruptcy of Zuma’s ANC.


The #MarchForChange has only just begun.

Media Enquiries:

John Moodey MPL
DA Gauteng Leader
082 960 3743

Yaseen Carelse
DA Gauteng Leader
076 721 8613