Soweto Taxi Rape Demands Inquiry In Gauteng Legislature

I am shocked and disturbed by news today that a female passenger in a Soweto taxi was raped over an extended period of time on Sunday, in full view of her young child.

It is more alarming though, that reports of similar incidents recently have not resulted in action from the SAPS. Some victims have complained of little interest from the Police, which is a shocking failure of the SAPS to protect our residents.

I will therefore write to the Chairperson of the Gauteng Community Safety committee to summon Provincial Police Commissioner Major General Deliwe Suzan De Lange to come and account before the Legislature under oath.

We just cannot accept that people continue to be raped, in captive situations like locked taxis, and that the police are not acting. The SAPS must protect and serve us.

It is not up to taxi associations alone to root out these criminals, and the MEC has today misdirected her demand to the taxi association to solve this crime. It is up to the SAPS to fight crime, and the DA will ensure that the SAPS acts.



Media Enquiries

Kate Lorimer MPL
DA Gauteng Shadow MEC of Safety and Security
083 642 2727