Cancer Patients At Risk At Steve Biko Hospital Because Of Broken Aircon

More than a hundred cancer patients are at risk at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital because a brand new radiation machine has been out of action for most of this year because of a broken air-conditioning system.

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) has struggled to fix the air-conditioning which is needed as radiation machines get very hot.

There are two smaller radiation machines which are being used for cancer patients, but the backlog for radiation treatment has grown alarmingly. This is very serious as delays decrease the survival chances of cancer patients.

This week Siemens was called in to fix the air-conditioning in the radiotherapy bunker as GDID has proved incapable of doing the job.

GDID has also bungled the repair of water pipes at this hospital. Last week they released water in repaired pipes too quickly, which damaged the pipes again and led to flooding of three floors and ceiling leaks elsewhere.

Other hospitals have also suffered from GDID incompetence, including Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital where a roof collapsed, leaks abound and the air-conditioning is broken as well.

The solution is to take hospital maintenance and repair away from GDID and put it in the hands of hospital management.

The DA will push for this change otherwise there will be more maintenance problems and possible disasters in our hospitals.



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