Another Gun To The Public’s Head: First CPS Now Tasima

Tasima, the company responsible for the development of the e-Natis system, is now refusing to hand over the system to the Department of Transport, despite a Constitutional Court order, unless an exorbitant payment is made.

For the second time in a few short months, government has been painted into a corner by organisations rendering essential services to the public, both of whom have been found to have obtained contracts illegally by the Constitutional Court.

Like the chaotic situation at the Department of Social Development, which threatened the payment of grants to millions of beneficiaries, Tasima’s brazen defiance of a court order threatens the entire vehicle registration system. Although a last minute payment to Telkom has temporarily avoided licencing chaos, a permanent solution is essential.

Gauteng which has the largest number of vehicles of any Province, will be plunged into chaos with far reaching consequences.

South Africans have had enough of blackmail by service providers who have been given space by lax and corrupt officials.




Media Enquiries
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DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Social Development
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DA Economic Cluster Manager
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