Where Is Your Honour, Premier?

Honourable Speaker,

What happened to the ANC’s grandstanding stance on collective responsibility? Is it applicable only when it’s convenient and not at all times? If former MEC Mahlangu saw it fit to do the honourable thing and resign why doesn’t Premier Makhura find it honourable to do the same in solidarity and in sharing collective responsibility with “a fellow cadre”?

We heard at last week’s debate on the SOPA that on several occasions the Premier refused to hear anything or pretended not to hear anything that came from members on this side. Should the Premier have cared enough when the DA raised the first red flag on this matter, many lives could have been saved. Many families could still be enjoying the smiles and comfort of their loved ones. Many of us from National Assembly to this house would not be having this debate at all if Premier Makhura had cared enough to take note of the concerns raised by the DA with regards to the Esidimeni matter and had acted swiftly. Sadly, many did not live long enough to witness “Botho jo bo tshwanetseng gonna jaalo”.

From Marikana to the Esidimeni matter, the ANC in government continues to be irresponsible and reckless. The ANC at the helm of government finds no value in human life, particularly those who are vulnerable. In Makgoba’s own words I quote “The decision was reckless, unwise and flawed”. Unquote. Now the question that I am asking in full view of everyone here today, including those that are sitting on the ANC benches, is why should we be governed by a leadership that is reckless, unwise and flawed?

Why should we as a province be recipients of a failing governance system that shies away from accountability, and collective responsibility when it suits them? Why should we be subjected to a leadership that is never willing to listen, that is never willing to be shown the faults and the wrongs, that is never willing to speak and talk of what is honourable, that is never willing to walk on the path of great heroes who know that every human life is important and matters.

It became very clear when Makhura ignored students at the Waverley centre who appealed to him for the facility not to be closed, that he is a leader that is only willing to listen to those within his own circle as opposed to the many cries of the people of Gauteng. Why should we keep such a leader? He must go so that we have a Premier who is willing to listen and act promptly when warned.



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