Gauteng School ICT Strategy Has The Hallmarks Of Failed Gauteng Online Programme

ICT Strategy in Gauteng Schools

The DA is convinced that the tender specifications for the roll-out of the ICT strategy in Gauteng schools was not followed and is now having a negative impact on learners and teachers across the province.

The DA has visited a number of schools across Gauteng to assess the roll out of the Gauteng Department of Education’s (GDE) ICT strategy.

It is apparent that this program has flaws similar to those experienced by the failed Gauteng online project. Some of the major issues that were noted were the lack of connectivity at sites, stolen ICT hardware, a lack of proper training and the incomplete renovations of classrooms.

Not all grade 12 and 11 learners have smart boards and tablets, despite claims by MEC Lesufi that all grade 12 and 11 township schools have smart classrooms.

The money invested into this project will be wasted if no there is no urgent intervention.

PAIA Application

Many schools which returned the tablets they were using last year are still waiting to receive them back to use in the 2017 academic year.

Equally it is disappointing that many grade 11 classrooms have removed their original chalk boards, without making provision for alternative teaching material. This has been on-going since August 2016.

The GDE refused a PAIA application by the DA to provide all the relevant tender documentation on this project, which the DA has challenged. The DA will ensure that the truth about this project is made public and if there are instances of corruption, action will be taken against those involved.




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