ANC’s Failing Ekurhuleni Government Must Take Blame For Duduza Violence

Violence and Service Delivery Protests

The ANC’s failing Ekurhuleni Metro government must take responsibility for the waves of violence and service delivery protests that have rocked Duduza over the last two days.

Residents have taken to the streets to express their dismay at the broken promises of successive ANC mayors in Ekurhuleni who have failed to deliver jobs to this community. Residents have barricaded roads, destroyed traffic lights and have torched government buildings, including the local post office and library.

DA-run Tshwane and Johannesburg Metros

The Ekurhuleni Metro has not had any significant changes in governance, or exposed any major corruption, or attracted major investment since the August 2016 elections, whereas the DA-run Tshwane and Johannesburg metros are undergoing fundamental transformations that are improving the lives of its citizens.

The ANC’s continued failure to engender confidence in the economy that would lead to growth and job creation is squarely to blame, and a community that has been historically peaceful has now had to resort to violence to highlight their plight to an indifferent, uncaring ANC mayor and province.

The DA urges for calm in the community, and encourages residents to express their dismay with the ANC through the ballot box. The DA will keep fighting for every resident left behind by the ANC.



Media enquiries:

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DA Constituency Head – Springs

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