DA Debates Gauteng Community Safety 2015/16 Annual Report

Speech by: Kate Lorimer MPL

“DA’s proposals on running the Community Safety department”

  • The DA would ensure that real-time crime statistics would be publicly available in every police station at all times.
  • There would be stronger enforcement of road traffic rules using techniques such as speed over distance, increased stop and search, more focus on moving violations and drunk driving.
  • We would professionalise the management of SAPS resourcing and logistics by creating a national register.
  • The detective service will be bolstered by employing at least another 8500 detectives.
  • International best practice shows that specialised policing units promote the retention of skills and the development of expertise which results in better conviction rates. At a minimum the DA will re-introduce fully capacitated FCS, narcotics, gang, rural safety, stock theft and anti-hi-jacking units.
  • The DA would use ongoing sting operations to root out bribery in the public sector together with ensuring that officials who are proven to be corrupt will never be able to work in the public sector again.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Michele Clarke MPL

“Shifting the goal post will not achieve desired outcomes”

  • The only way we will be able to reduce crime is to address corruption, developing a highly skilled, well-resourced police force and re-introducing specialised units.
  • Structures such as youth desks, woman and men as safety promoters are non-existent and when they do exist it is merely a formality for the sake of compliance.
  • As long as the traffic policing is a non-essential service as determined in the Police Act we will never be able to reduce road fatalities.
  • The Department of Community Safety lacks real progressive management.

The full speech can be obtained here.


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