Gauteng Budget Failed By Poor Implementation

The ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) cannot drive the nation’s economic heart and give expression to real service delivery if it continues to fail to effectively manage its budget.

This year, R124.7 million in unspent and uncommitted Conditional Grant funding will be returned to the National Revenue Fund. Further to this, the conditional grant budget to Gauteng will be reduced by R17 million due to slow spending patterns.

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura has on numerous occasions made a commitment to increase the work of government to benefit residents of province. However, the downward adjustments and return of funds speak of an administration that is failing on its mandate.

In the 2015/16 financial year, the Department of Health underspent its budget by R472.5 million, Social Development by R54 million and Community Safety by R42 million. This stems from these departments inability to fill vacant funded posts. Health, Community Safety and Social Development are under constant strain and should be operating at full staff capacity when funds are available to them.

This ties into the GPG’s next area of ever increasing expenditure: the use of consultants, contractors and outsourced services. While not all skills are found within the ambit of government, the GPG racked up expenditure on contractors to the tune of R1 billion and R1.5 billion on outsourced services.

The provincial government’s fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the year amounted to R29 million, of which R14.8 million was from the department of Human Settlements and R7.3 million from Health.

Neither Premier Makhura nor Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy are willing to take action against political allies on behalf of the people Gauteng.

The illusion that the Premier has tried to create, that the ANC in Gauteng is different to the ANC of Zuma, falls short when it is scrutinised.

The DA will remain firm in holding this administration to account and continue to monitor the use of public funds.




Media Enquiries:

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DA Gauteng Shadow MEC on Finance

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