Gauteng Human Settlements Unable To Pay Debt

The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements (GDHS) is in major financial distress.

The startling admission by the Head of the GDHS, Daniel Molokomme, that the department is unable to pay a debt of R220 million to the Red Ants is alarming.

According to the GDHS Head, assistance is required from National Treasury, which raises the concern that the department is unable to perform its financial duties.

In the past 2015/16 financial year, the Auditor General attached a damning report to the department’s financial statements in the annual report.

The AG noted:

  • The stopping of the conditional grant allocation for the Human Settlements Development Grant by the National Department of Human Settlements, which was adjusted down by R908.3 million in terms of section 19 of the Division of Revenue Act (DORA);
  • That effective steps were not taken to prevent irregular expenditure amounting to R438.5 million;
  • Controls over daily and monthly processing and reconciling of transactions to support financial reporting commitments and irregular expenditure were insufficiently implemented by senior management;
  • That the departments service delivery operating model was inadequate and senior management was not coordinated to achieve valid and accurate financial and performance reporting; and
  • That compliance with DORA was not reviewed and monitored on a continuous basis by senior management.

If the department is unable to manage its funds, this may have an adverse effect on all municipalities in the province, especially with conditional grant funding.

Gauteng Human Settlements MEC Paul Mashatile, must publicly state the current financial status of this department, as thousands of resident’s lives may be affected.

It would be disastrous to halt service delivery due to the department’s senior management’s ineptitude.

Before MEC Mashatile makes utterances about placing DA Municipalities under administration, because the ANC has not yet accepted the outcome of the Local Government Elections, he should rather spend his time ensuring that his department can fulfil its Constitutional mandate of service delivery.



Media enquiries:

Mervyn Cirota MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Human Settlements

060 558 8312

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Kempton Park Hospital Construction Delayed

In a written response to a DA question regarding the Gauteng Department of Health’s plans for the Kempton Park Hospital in Ekurhuleni, Health MEC, Qedani Mahlangu, indicated that the department plans to demolish the existing hospital and building a new one in its place.

The MEC indicated that demolition will only start in the new year.

This is contrary to her response to an Oral Question in the Legislature earlier this year, where she stated that at the end of 2016, there would be an architectural design finalised and that construction would commence in 2017.

Further delays on Kempton Park Hospital are unacceptable as residents are becoming increasingly impatient with the slow pace of delivery on the site.

According to the MEC, the cost for the new hospital has not yet been finalised.

(Click here to view the reply).

The DA welcomes the new 350-bed Level 1 District Hospital which the department intends to build as this will increase access to quality health facilities to the residents of Kempton Park and Tembisa.

This will decrease the pressure on Tembisa Hospital which is currently struggling to cope with the increasing demand for health care.

The DA will monitor the progress of construction whilst keeping a very close eye on supply chain management procedures and adherence to the Public Financial Management Act.




Media enquiries:

Refiloe Ntsekhe MPL

Constituency Head: Tembisa

060 558 8297

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MEC Lesufi Must Act Against The Cash For Jobs Scandal

The DA has once again told Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi to act on cash for jobs scandals.

Replying to the Education Annual Report debate at the Legislature, the MEC expressed that he will not treat SADTU as gogo (monster).

The excuse given by MEC Lesufi that he is waiting for national minister to act isn’t good enough. Promotions and recruitment must be based on merit not by union membership.

SADTU has been influencing decisions to appoint certain individuals not because they are the best for the job, but because they are friends and affiliates to the union. Some teachers were even asked for sex in order to receive a promotion.

There is much evidence to prove this, and the department has failed dismally to protect the interests of excellent teachers and learners.

There are always disputes lodged regarding the filling of vacant positions in Gauteng. Not enough is being done to ensure that the best people are appointed as HODs, Deputy Principals and Principals.

One case in point is Oakdale secondary school in Ennerdale where the SGB chairperson refused to take a bribe and reported the matter to both police and the department.

The fight against corruption can only be won if there is political will.

Whistle blowers are prepared to fight corruption, but they need support from government. Appointments of undeserving individuals has a huge impact in the running of schools and the quality of education received by learners.



Media enquiries:

Khume Ramulifho MPL

DA Gauteng Education Shadow MEC

082 398 7375

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Gauteng Health Workers Paid Late Again

Thousands of Community Health Workers in Gauteng have been told they will not be paid at the end of this month but only by 6 December.

Yesterday they received the following message from SmartPurse, the controversial company that is being paid R87 million to pay about 7000 CHWs over a three year period:

“Dear Valued CHW! Please be advised that stipends for Nov will be paid by the 6th Dec. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. For more info call 0879437236.”

This late payment is outrageous as CHWs only earn R2500 and have bills to pay like everyone else.

They are expected to play a key role in preventing and treating HIV/Aids, but will now be unpaid tomorrow on World AIDS day (1 December).

This is what one CHW said in a whatsapp message “they really don’t care, people are going to be homeless, no food for our kids no christmas clothes”.

SmartPurse should be fired as they have not solved the long-standing problem of late payment to CHWs.

It’s one more bungle by Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu who still resists accountability for the deaths of 37 psychiatric patients sent to unsuitable NGOs.



Media enquiries:

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

082 333 4222

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Gauteng Budget Failed By Poor Implementation

The ANC-led Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) cannot drive the nation’s economic heart and give expression to real service delivery if it continues to fail to effectively manage its budget.

This year, R124.7 million in unspent and uncommitted Conditional Grant funding will be returned to the National Revenue Fund. Further to this, the conditional grant budget to Gauteng will be reduced by R17 million due to slow spending patterns.

Gauteng Premier, David Makhura has on numerous occasions made a commitment to increase the work of government to benefit residents of province. However, the downward adjustments and return of funds speak of an administration that is failing on its mandate.

In the 2015/16 financial year, the Department of Health underspent its budget by R472.5 million, Social Development by R54 million and Community Safety by R42 million. This stems from these departments inability to fill vacant funded posts. Health, Community Safety and Social Development are under constant strain and should be operating at full staff capacity when funds are available to them.

This ties into the GPG’s next area of ever increasing expenditure: the use of consultants, contractors and outsourced services. While not all skills are found within the ambit of government, the GPG racked up expenditure on contractors to the tune of R1 billion and R1.5 billion on outsourced services.

The provincial government’s fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the year amounted to R29 million, of which R14.8 million was from the department of Human Settlements and R7.3 million from Health.

Neither Premier Makhura nor Finance MEC, Barbara Creecy are willing to take action against political allies on behalf of the people Gauteng.

The illusion that the Premier has tried to create, that the ANC in Gauteng is different to the ANC of Zuma, falls short when it is scrutinised.

The DA will remain firm in holding this administration to account and continue to monitor the use of public funds.




Media Enquiries:

Adriana Randall MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC on Finance

060 556 4342

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Three Taps To Service 1039 Learners At Fleurhof Primary School

Fleurhof Primary School

Fleurhof Primary School in Roodepoort, Johannesburg only has three taps to supply water to 1039 learners in the school.

On top of this, teachers are subjected to the use of bucket toilets as water pressure is not strong enough to fill the toilet’s cisterns.

The school is making use of a single Jojo tank to service the water needs of learners and staff.

On numerous occasions Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, has said that all schools in the province have proper running water and flush toilets.

Temporary School Structure

Today’s example proves the MEC wrong.

The MEC must ensure that Fleurhof Primary School has proper running water and flush toilets.

It is deeply concerning that young learners and their teachers are subjected to such inhumane conditions.

The DA will pose questions to the MEC to ascertain when exactly the brick and mortar construction of the school will commence, as the temporary school structure was built two years ago.



Media enquiries:

Khume Ramulifho MPL

DA Gauteng Education Shadow MEC

082 398 7375

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DA To Visit Fleurhof Primary School

Today, Monday 21 November 2016, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Education, Khume Ramulifho MPL, and DA Johannesburg Ward 70 Councillor, Caleb Finn, will conduct an oversight visit at Fleurhof Primary School in Roodeport, Johannesburg.

Fleurhof Primary School was built two years ago as a temporary structure and to date no effort has been made by the Gauteng Department of Education to convert the school into a brick and mortar structure.

The school is facing numerous problems which the DA will assess and take up with the Gauteng Department of Education.

Date: Monday, 21 November 2016
Time: 10:00
Venue: Fleurhof Primary School, 50 Smelt Avenue, Roodeport.

There will be opportunities for interviews and photographs. Members of the media are welcome to attend.



Media enquiries:

Khume Ramulifho MPL

DA Gauteng Education Shadow MEC

082 398 7375

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Psychiatric Patient NGO Operating Illegally

Re Bafenyi Mental Health Institution

The Re Bafenyi Mental Health Institution, which is one of the NGOs looking after 47 psychiatric patients transferred earlier this year from Life Healthcare Esidimeni, is contravening a number of Tshwane municipal by-laws.

This is according to a report by the Tshwane Health and Social Development Department which investigated the NGO in Hennops River after complaints received by local DA Councillor Kingsley Wakelin that people living there were jumping the fences and disturbing the neighbourhood.

The social worker who visited Re Bafenyi on 2 November found mostly clean conditions for the 47 mental health patients who are all on anti-psychotic drugs and have a high level of functioning. The Centre was licensed on 1 April 2016 for 65 patients and is receiving R2700 subsidy per patient per month from the Gauteng Health Department.

Municipal By-laws

Re Bafenyi was found to have by-passed most of the Municipal by-laws as follows:

  • the plot is not zoned to accommodate Mental Health Patients (City Planning);
  • no signage reflecting the name of institution;
  • there is no Health certificate from the Municipal Environmental Health Practitioners;
  • the Emergency Department should also assess the centre and give their inputs on safety measures;
  • no waste management control, the waste is just exposed in an open space which is a health hazard for the patients and neighbours;
  • the plot has lots of stones which might also pose a risk to the patients themselves; and
  • the staff establishment requires the service of Occupational Therapist (Provincial role/ private) so as to stimulate the patients. They are just roaming around the yard.

The report recommends that ReBafenyi complies with the by-laws and that the “Provincial Health Department should only issue operating licence to institution which complies with the law of operating such institution because this involves human lives.”

Tshwane Council Report

I am concerned that this report shows yet another NGO set up in a rush to accommodate patients from Life Healthcare Esidimeni, and it is blatantly contravening municipal by-laws.

Christopher Mogwarane (56) was one of the patients transferred to Re Bafenyi from Esidimeni and died there, allegedly from natural causes. According to his brother Lucas, he was not happy at Re Bafenyi and he did not appear to be getting proper nutrition and medication.

I will be submitting the Tshwane Council report to the Health Ombudsman to consider as part of his investigation into the deaths of 37 psychiatric patients after the Gauteng Health Department cancelled the contact with Life Healthcare Esidimeni.



Media enquiries:

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

082 333 4222

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DA Submits PAIA On Financial Transfers To NGOs

Gauteng Department of Social Development

The DA has submitted a Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application on the transfers of funds to all NGOs and NPOs funded by the Gauteng Department of Social Development during 2015/16 financial year.

Despite efforts to obtain this information through the legislative process, Gauteng Social Development MEC, Nandi Mayathula-Khoza, has claimed that the information is withheld to protect NGOs/NPOs in the province.

The MEC claimed that the information on transfers had been submitted to the DA, however this if far from the truth.

The requested information is a compliance item which should have been included in the department’s annual report. The report only gives a brief summary of transfers to the different programs, but not specific amounts transferred to NGOs and NPOs.

Gauteng residents deserve to know exactly how much each NGO and NPO was awarded, as the use of public funds should be open to public scrutiny.

The MECs insistence on hiding this information raises the suspicion that there may be something untoward happening in her department.

The DA will continue to probe the funding of NGOs and NPOs and will not stop until the information is obtained.



Media Enquiries:

Refiloe Nt’sekhe MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Social Development

060 558 8297

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Safety At OR Tambo International Airport A Major Concern

OR Tambo International Airport

Safety at OR Tambo International Airport has been severely comprised in the last few weeks with reports of criminal activity on the increase.

Travellers who arrive late at the airport have complained to the DA that they felt unsafe walking to the parking garage and to catch a taxi-cab.

As a National Key Point I have been alarmed at the very little visible SAPS and Metro Police presence, this despite the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department having a satellite station based at the Airport.

I have been followed to my car on three occasions and in one instance I was accosted by a group of young men asking for money.

Hi-jacked and Attacked

Travellers are often followed from the airport and then hi-jacked and attacked upon arrival at their destination. Last Saturday an Uber-driver was hi-jacked and shot fatally at the Airport.

The safety of travellers who access the airport should be a priority 24/7.

I have discussed this matter with the Gauteng Community Safety MEC, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, and will now request an urgent intervention in writing.

Gauteng is the number one business travel destination in the country, and with this reputation, safety at our main port of entry to the province must be prioritised.



Media enquiries:

Michele Clarke MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Community Safety 

060 558 8299

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