Joburg is on the brink of monumental change

Today I am campaigning across Johannesburg in one final push to spread the DA’s message of hope and change.

I am inspired by the support I have received on a daily basis over the past seven months of campaigning.

Not since 1994 has this city stood on the brink of such monumental change.

Change which will stop corruption, accelerate job creation, and deliver better services to all.

The DA has a real chance of winning Johannesburg. We can win and bring change to this city, but only if every one of our supporters gets out on Election Day and votes.

Far too often people claim that their vote will not make a difference, that they do not care about the outcome, and that the DA cannot win.

In the last national election, the ANC came within 3% of losing their majority in Johannesburg. Your vote could push them below that figure.

At no point in our democratic history has every vote counted so much.

A single vote could change the outcome of this election. One vote could win a ward – giving you a DA councillor who is committed to serving you.

The people of Joburg have the power in their hands to determine the future they desire.

You have the power to determine whether Joburg finally experiences the change that it so badly needs.

I have visited every corner of our City over the past seven months, and I have heard from the people of Joburg that they are hungry for change.

People who despite having been given up on by the ANC government, refuse to give up on themselves.

Initially the ANC made progress, but it has stalled. We need change to move Johannesburg forward again.

I am running for Mayor of Johannesburg, because I want to help rebuild this City.

I do not want to be considered a politician. My motivation for entering public office is to serve the residents of Johannesburg.

I am a businessman who has never compromised on the quality of the services and products my businesses have offered.

I want to bring my brand of job creation to Johannesburg on the 4th of August, and I want to get this City working again.

Because if Johannesburg works, South Africa works.

For the past 20 years I have felt that excitement dwindle and nearly die. In the past seven months I have seen the desperation and destitution that so many people have been reduced to.

On the 3rd of August I encourage every person to use their democratic power to bring change to Johannesburg.

This can be the city of golden opportunities.

This can be the city that creates jobs, delivers better services and fights corruption.

This can be the city which fulfills the dream of Mandela for a united, prosperous and free South Africa.


Herman Mashaba

DA Mayoral Candidate for Johannesburg