DA’s diverse councillor candidates ready to bring real change and jobs to Tshwane

Note the editors: The following remarks were made by DA Mayoral Candidate, Solly Msimanga, outside the Tshwane City Hall as he introduced the DA’s candidate councillors who will bring the DA difference to Tshwane.

Today I stand before you in front of City Hall as our journey to free the Capital from the corrupt clutches of the ANC is set to culminate with a DA victory on August 3.

The journey has been a long one, but with the support of my loving family, and a party dedicated to bringing change to Tshwane, I am confident that we can win Tshwane. This will also require that every voter that wants change comes out and votes on 3 August.

With the election less than a week away, the momentum behind the DA’s wave of change grows day by day as change marches on the Capital.

I am immensely proud to stand alongside the DA’s councillor candidates here today at City Hall. The candidates before you are most diverse group of candidates not only in the history of the DA, but of any party in Tshwane.

The candidates before you represent uTata Madiba’s dream of a united, non-racial South Africa that belongs to all.

Together we are ready to govern, to win this City and bring the change Tshwane needs to move forward again.

Together we can bring the change that will stop corruption, deliver better services and create jobs so that the people of this City can live lives of value in a free and fair South Africa.

I have a dream to turn this City into a hub of opprortunity that gives life to the rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. A growing Tshwane that leads the fight against unemployment. A fair Tshwane that does not allow corruption. And a caring Tshwane that is honest and delivers to the poor.

The DA in Tshwane is ready to deliver on that dream and build a united and prosperous Capital.

The blue wave of change is coming, and it will wash the corrupt and uncaring ANC out of power and usher in brighter future for the people of this City.

Together, we will move the Capital City forward again and make it great.