Tshwane Violence: Thoko Didiza And Jacob Zuma Must Come Out Of Hiding

ANC’s internal “civil war”

As Tshwane enters another day of violence and volatility fuelled by the ANC’s internal “civil war”, the big question remains: where are Thoko Didiza and Jacob Zuma while the Capital burns?

It is a sign of an imposed mayoral candidate that Thoko Didiza has been nowhere to be seen while ANC violence brings Tshwane to its knees. Didiza’s first action as mayoral candidate was to go into hiding.

The violence in Tshwane is undeniably political in nature, but the ANC refuses to accept responsibility for the actions of its members. The President, and Leader of the ANC, is yet to make a public statement condemning the violence or even to call for calm.

While the Capital burnt, Zuma instead chose to host a comfortable summit.

Restoring calm to Tshwane

Restoring calm to Tshwane requires decisive actions from the ANC leadership. I have called on Gwede Mantahse to intervene, but instead the ANC has chosen scapegoating and blame-shifting over honesty and accountability.

Yesterday the ANC went to great lengths to attempt to dismiss the severity of the violent protests and tried to paint them as opportunistic criminality and thuggery.

This shows total disregard for the clear message from ANC supporters leading the protest: the ANC in Tshwane will not accept the imposition of Thoko Didiza

The DA now understands that branches have allegedly given Luthuli House a deadline of 3 days to find a solution.

ANC Factionalism

The violence has so far caused millions in damage, including the torching of 19 busses, while countless residents of Tshwane are captives in their communities, unable to get to work and school.

If Thoko Didiza wants to retain any semblance of leadership, she must come out of hiding and address the Tshwane ANC violence immediately.

President Zuma must also step up and take responsibility for the violence he has caused.

We cannot allow the lives of the people of Tshwane to be jeopardised by factionalism within the ANC.
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