Together we can move Tshwane forward again

Note to editors: The following remarks were made by DA Tshwane Mayoral Candidate, Solly Msimanga, at the launch of the DA’s Manifesto for Tshwane in Soshanguve. Msimanga was joined by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane MP and DA National Spokesperson, Refiloe Nt’sekhe MPL. The full manifesto can be found here.

Fellow democrats,

We have come to Soshanguve today to launch the DA’s Manifesto for Tshwane, our plan to bring change to the Capital that will move it forward again.

For too long the City of Tshwane has suffered at the hands of an uncaring ANC government that has allowed corruption to thrive, service delivery to grind to a halt and unemployment to increase.

Under the ANC government in Tshwane, the potential of this City is not being realised. For too many residents in our Capital City, life is a daily struggle.

But I am here to tell you today that you do not have to accept this.

You do not have to accept an ANC government that spends more time fighting over power and position than working to build this City.

You do not have to accept dishonest and corrupt councillors who use their positions to benefit themselves instead of serving the voters who elected them.

You do not have to accept that under the ANC government this City is not moving forward.

On August 3 you have an opportunity to vote out the ANC and elect a DA government that will bring change to Tshwane.

The Manifesto we are launching today is our promise to the people of Tshwane to bring the change they deserve. Change that will stop corruption, deliver better services and create jobs.

It is a promise to build an opportunity City, with more jobs and an easier way of doing business.

We will grow a culture of entrepreneurship by introducing Job Zones in Ekandustria, Babelegi and Garankuwa, offering developers discounts on development contributions and tariffs in return for creating jobs.

We will create Job Centres, located across the city and operated in partnership with NGOs, to create a contact point between employers and informal jobseekers. Promoting social capital in this way will enable thousands of unemployed residents to earn a living

And we will ensure that EPWP beneficiaries are selected by a fair process and not by ward councillors and their cronies who require applicants to be card carrying members of the ANC.

It is our promise to build a responsive and caring City that will bring local government back to the people so that when community members engage with government, they are heard.

We will accomplish this by ensuring that Ward Committees are democratically elected and fully functional, allowing members of the community to assist ward councillors in connecting with residents.

A DA-run City of Tshwane will listen to its communities, be responsive to their needs and be accountable to them.

It is a promise to build a city that delivers, so that all the residents of this City can live a life of dignity.

We will ensure efficient delivery of quality services to all areas of the City and provide indigent households with free basic municipal services to make sure that our City cares for the most vulnerable.

A DA-run City of Tshwane will lead the way in providing quality services to all residents.

Through sound financial management, by adopting innovative solutions to challenges faced, and reprioritising resources to where they are needed most we will ensure that Tshwane is a City that works.

It is a promise to build an honest City with a responsive government that will stop the rot and decay we have seen in the ANC in Tshwane.

This means making sure that we rid the City of corruption, such as the unfair allocation of housing opportunities and jobs to ANC members or the friends and family of councillors.

We will ensure that our councillors do their jobs properly and if they do not, they will be removed.

We will abolish all forms of cadre deployment in the City administration and open up the tender process to public scrutiny to rid our City of the patronage networks we have seen under the ANC.

It is a promise to build an inclusive City where all residents will be free to flourish.

A more inclusive and integrated city will ensure that we can redress the injustices of the past.

We will do this by providing spaces where all members of the public can come together. Building an inclusive environment means taking deliberate steps to bring people from different walks of life together.

Finally, it is a promise to build a safe City, where residents do not live in fear.

We will properly equip Metro Police officers and Emergency Services to better fight crime, including making sure that response vehicles which have broken down or have been involved in accidents are quickly repaired.

We will establish a specialised narcotics unit within the TMPD to crack down on drug dealers and to make sure our children do not have their futures stolen by addiction.

And we will appoint a qualified and experienced police officer as the Chief of the TMPD. The Chief’s example will inspire discipline and duty among ordinary Metro Police officers.

Fellow democrats,

The DA has a vision for the City of Tshwane to be a prosperous city which exemplifies our values of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity.

To give life to this vision, a DA government in Tshwane will create a caring, safe and inclusive city that is well-run and makes opportunities available for all.

We cannot do this alone.

Victory for the DA in Tshwane is in reach, but requires the support of every voter who wants to bring change to this City.

With your support, I pledge to build a renewed City of Tshwane.

I pledge to stop corruption, deliver better services and create jobs.

Together we can make Tshwane great again.