Taxi violence: Vaadi and Tau missing in action

I condemn the recent taxi violence that has resulted in the death of two taxi bosses and two taxi drivers over the past two days in Johannesburg.

Over the past month, five people have been killed and eleven injured as a result of the ongoing violence.

As the violence continues to spiral out of control, it is the people of Joburg whose lives are put in constant danger. Eight of the eleven injured have been uninvolved members of the public.

When elected mayor on 3 August, I will set up a task team to look into this spiraling violence and work closely with the provincial government and taxi associations to resolve this situation.

I will also increase the budget for the JMPD and ensure that they are better capacitated to deal swiftly and effectively with taxi violence when it emerges.

I acknowledge the crucial role the taxi industry plays in our city, transporting thousands of people on a daily basis. For many residents of Joburg, taxis  are their only form of transport and this highlights the urgency of resolving this matter.

It is clear that transport MEC Ismail Vaadi has lost control of the situation.

At the same time Tau’s silence shows a mayor whose administration lacks the will to deal with this emergency.

I call on Tau to immediately action the reprioritisation of the JMPD to monitor taxi routes and protect innocent commuters and bystanders being caught in the crossfire.

It is also essential that the JMPD work in conjunction with SAPS to ensure maximised visible policing and a quick response to any situation.

The Portfolio Committee on Roads and Transport in the Gauteng Legislature set up an enquiry into the taxi industry early last year, yet the report has not been released.

It is essential that the report is urgently released so that its recommendations can be implemented to bring an end to taxi-related violence in Joburg once and for all.

Until such time, innocent bystanders and motorists will continue to be the victims of violence that has arisen as a result of deep rooted corruption within the ANC administration in Gauteng and Joburg.

I mourn with the families of those killed over the past month. This was completely avoidable had Vaadi and Tau done their jobs properly.

The people of Joburg need to use their vote on 3 August to bring an end to the rot that has set in.

Vote for the change you want to see.


Herman Mashaba

DA Mayoral Candidate: Johannesburg