Ekurhuleni healthcare on its deathbed

Under-staffed clinics, medical supply shortages and daily quotes are robbing residents of Ekurhuleni of quality healthcare.

This week I have been visiting clinics around the Metro to understand the plight of both healthcare workers and residents.

In almost all of the clinics I have visited, medical health staff have indicated that despite their best efforts to provide quality healthcare, patient to staff quotas have reduced the amount of time they can spend attending to a patient.

However, despite this, residents queue as early as 05:30am – with most waiting up to four hours to receive medical attention after entering the queue.

In the less affluent areas of the Metro, medical staff explained to me that a lack of ambulances hinder their ability to deal with life threatening emergencies to transport patients to hospital.

Lifesaving drugs and infant vaccines are either out of stock or in extremely short supply.

Given his role as Deputy Minister and ANC Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni, Mzwandile Masina should make sure that the medical supply shortage is adhered to before the end of the week – if not, it shows that he is just a talking head with no real influence.

Under the DA in Ekurhuleni this situation would not be allowed to happen.

More money from the budget will be allocated to improve the quality of healthcare for all the Metro’s residents.

Clinics will be adequately staffed, with professional healthcare workers who can spend more time attending to the needs of patients.

We will introduce an electronic stock management system to ensure no medication runs out. We will also increase our ambulance fleet.

Where we govern, no one is denied dignified, quality healthcare.

This will become a reality in the City Of Ekurhuleni under a DA government.


Ghaleb Cachalia

DA Mayoral Candidate for Ekurhuleni


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