DA holds affidavits detailing EPWP job allocation corruption by ANC

We have come to Temba police station today with a group of residents from Hammanskraal who have completed affidavits detailing corruption by the ANC in the allocation of EPWP jobs in the City of Tshwane.

The affidavits detail how the residents were refused EPWP jobs because they were not card-carrying ANC members, or were asked for bribes by ANC councillors in exchange for the jobs.

The corruption of the ANC is a cancer in the City of Tshwane that is preventing residents from accessing the opportunities they deserve.

Last month I put these allegations to Mayor Ramokgopa and he challenged me to bring the evidence.

Today I have the affidavits and I now put the challenge to the outgoing Mayor who has presided over this corruption – how will he explain the wide scale corruption in the EPWP program in the City of Tshwane?

The DA believes that the EPWP programme should benefit as many people as possible, with jobs being allocated in a fair and transparent fashion. This will not happen so long as the programme is used as a tool for the ANC to maintain its support.

A DA government in Tshwane would implement an impartial EPWP jobs allocation database, as we have done in the DA-run City of Cape Town, the only metro to have done so. This system has eliminated corruption by officials and councillors who hand out jobs to friends and family.

This is the change that Tshwane needs; the change Tshwane deserves.

There are currently 517,000 people in Tshwane who do not have jobs, or who have given up looking for jobs. This number grew by 40,000 in the first 3 months of 2016 alone.

The ANC has failed the people of Tshwane, 1 in 3 who remain unemployed as a result of their inability to create jobs and grow the City’s economy.

The EPWP jobs that should serve as a platform for residents to gain experience and skills are being reserved for card-carrying ANC members, and the friends and family of ANC councillors in Tshwane.

This is the corruption that is preventing Tshwane from expanding opportunities to all its residents. This is the corruption that is preventing this City from making progress.

Jobs provide more than just an income, but a sense of purpose and dignity, and transfer skills for people to seek out permanent employment. Without jobs, the City of Tshwane cannot move forward.

On August 3 the DA can and will bring change to the City of Tshwane; change that stops corruption, delivers better services and creates jobs.

We can make this City great.


Solly Msimanga

DA Mayoral Candidate for Tshwane