DA Debates 2016/17 Gauteng Department Of Agriculture And Rural Development Budget

Speech by: Ina Cilliers MPL

“Modernisation of agricultural budget sorely required”

  • The major concern is that in spite of the strategic imperative of “agriarian reform” and all the “radical” imperatives, the bulk of the budget does not speak to the needs of farmers.
  • Agriculture’s total contribution to the GDP in Gauteng is only 0.5% even though half of all the agro-processing in SA takes place in Gauteng. The department does not have to be happy with this- it suggests that the GDARD is still positioning itself as a social development driver, and not an economic development driver.
  • Your budget should not be spent on food parcels, vegetable gardens and handing out seed packets and garden hoses. Leave that to the department of social development. You should be supporting the individual entrepreneurship of existing farmers, helping them to succeed commercially by tapping in to modern trends.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Janho Engelbrecht MPL

“Government negligence laying waste to Gauteng’s environment”

  • Across the province developments are being approved in contravention of the National Environmental Management Act.
  • How is it possible that environmentally degrading developments can be approved after receiving the green light from GDARD in the form of EIA’s, when it is in direct contravention of National Legislation?
  • We are busy creating a situation where the legacy we leave our children would be a toxic wasteland all in the name of economic progress, something which, by the way, this administration is not very good at.

The full statement can be obtained here.


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