Joburg Mayor Ditches Zandspruit Residents

Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau

The DA is deeply concerned about Johannesburg mayor Parks Tau’s deafening silence on the plight of Zandspruit residents.

Yesterday residents marched peacefully to hand over a memorandum of concerns to the mayor, only to be told that he is too busy to attend.

Why would mayor Tau not take Zandspruit’s people and their concerns seriously?

A few weeks ago, I went to Zandspruit to meet with residents and engage them on their concerns, and was heartbroken to see the living conditions of these residents, 22 years into democracy.

Human Rights Commission

Electricity remains a major concern, with countless deaths caused due to illegal connections. Instead of providing electricity, the city allowed Eskom to switch off all power to the entire community.

I laid a complaint with the Human Rights Commission over this matter, who have agreed to investigate in the meantime.

Mayor Tau’s callous response stands in stark contrast to the DA’s caring approach where we govern.

In Cape Town this past week, when protestors took to the street in Dunoon, Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille immediately stepped in, held an urgent engagement with Dunoon community leaders, and took their concerns to be handled by the Mayor’s Office.

Change is Coming

Yet in Johannesburg, Mayor Tau’s blatant disrespect for the people of Zandspruit shows just how the ANC government only cares for the select few.

The DA has a track record of clean governance and better service delivery where it governs.

Where the DA governs, we offer the most comprehensive basket of free basic services to the poorest communities, to uplift communities and to improve lives.

Change is coming to Johannesburg, just as it’s sweeping across the rest of South Africa.

Because where the DA governs, life is better.


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