Tshwane Mayor delays State of Metro Address with no good stories to tell

It comes as no surprise that Tshwane Executive Mayor, , has delayed his State of the Metro Address. Mayor Ramokgopa is hiding from accountability, and is avoiding answering to the people of Tshwane.

This further adds to the growing list of ANC broken promises in Tshwane.

Clearly Mayor Ramokgopa has run out of good stories to tell to Tshwane, as he finds himself at the centre of multiple scandals and failures of governance.

Most recently, National Treasury rejected Tshwane’s adjustment budget and returned it to the City to redo.

With an unacceptably high unemployment rate of 32.6%, as well as drastically declining levels of service delivery, the people of Tshwane deserve accountability and responsiveness from Mayor Ramokgopa; instead the people of Tshwane are left counting his broken and empty promises.

The ANC administration led by Mayor Ramokgopa has neglected to fulfil its promises, amongst which is the failure to put an end to the City’s expenditure of PEU – which has been deemed irregular, it has failed to  provide clean drinkable water to the people of Hammanskraal, it has failed to provide cogent answers as to the Adjustments Budget which was returned to Council, it has failed wage a war on water leaks and rectify the more than 40,000 poorly built RDP houses.

The people deserve answers for the ANC’s failure to deliver, and now Rampkgopa is hiding from scrutiny. The ANC administration in Tshwane is failing the City’s residents by being unable to fully fund the bare necessities of service delivery, as corruption is the order of the day.

The DA believes that a new and inspiring vision for Tshwane is needed in order to kick start economic growth and get the City out of its current state of stagnation.

With this clear vision in place, residents will live in an inclusive city where they feel safe. Our people will live in a Metro that is forward thinking in its planning, and that cares about its residents and about their well-being.

Tshwane can and will become a municipality of rising opportunity under a DA administration.

The DA is determined to win Tshwane at this year’s municipal election to usher in a government that delivers better services, cuts corruption and creates jobs.

Together, with Tshwane residents the DA will stop the cancer of corruption, grow the economy and create jobs.

Change is coming to Tshwane, with a new DA government, after Election 2016.


Solly Msimanga

Tshwane Mayoral Candidate

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