DA welcomes JMPD deployment to protect refuse collectors

The DA welcomes the City of Johannesburg’s decision to heed the DA call made last week, to have Metro Police officers protect auxiliary refuse collectors while the protracted Pikitup strike drags on.

This is a vindication of the DA’s assertion that the City of Joburg was not doing enough to work around the Pikitup strike, or to protect private refuse collectors.

The city’s response to the Pikitup strike has been woefully inadequate. Striking workers have been left to rampage unchecked while Mayor Parks Tau has been torn between his allegiances to the City, the Pikitup entity and the unions on strike.

In alliance with COSATU unions, the ANC is weak and ineffectual at solving strike action.

Recognising rubbish collection as an essential service, a DA-led city government would not allow strike action to affect residents for this ridiculously protracted time.

Enormous amounts of rotten rubbish strewn in our communities are leaving all people unsafe and in unhealthy environments.

Our poorest communities are especially at risk, as rubbish now lies where children play, where old people walk and live and is piling up at the front doors of homes.

In contrast, in the City of Cape Town where the DA governs, a large part of rubbish collection is managed by the City under its direct control, along with a number of private contractors, under close supervision of the city.

This creates an environment of competitive pricing and service delivery, as well as effective contingency planning in the event of industrial action.

It is this form of administration Johannesburg’s people can look forward to when they vote for change in the coming local government elections, and vote the DA into government.

The DA will bring change to Johannesburg, change that brings effective and quality service delivery to all.

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Director: Communications and research

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