DA Welcomes Arrest Of ANC Intimidator

The DA welcomes the arrest last night of an ANC supporter who threatened a DA candidate councillor with a firearm last week.

On Tuesday, 23 February, DA candidate councillor Faith Davulo laid charges against the member, Mr Maluleke for intimidating her and pointing a firearm at her.

The case number is 597/2/2016.

On Friday, I accompanied Ms Davulo to the same police station to meet with the investigating officer, and we were subsequently notified that Mr Maluleke had been arrested last night and that his firearm was confiscated.

ANC intolerance in Gauteng is running at an all-time high, as it is becoming more and more evident that voters are shifting their support to the DA in their numbers.

There is no such thing as a no-go area, and the DA will campaign and take our vision for Johannesburg where we want, when we want to and no member of the ANC or any other political party will dictate otherwise.


Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

Director: Communications and Research

060 963 8260

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