Johannesburg’s success is only possible if Soweto succeeds

Democratic Alliance statement by

Herman Mashaba

DA Johannesburg Mayoral Candidate

The DA’s campaign to win Johannesburg today came to Dobsonville – because Soweto is at the heart of our plan to turn the city around through property ownership and job creation.

Soweto needs to be transformed into a commercial and cultural hub that complements and rivals the city’s most successful districts.

It embodies the promise and vitality of Johannesburg and its importance to the success of this great city cannot be underestimated.

In fact, Johannesburg is not succeeding because Soweto’s entrepreneurial potential has not been tapped into.

At the present time, Soweto’s economy is held back because not enough has been done to change the apartheid design of the city.

It is unacceptable that Soweto’s residents spend up to half of their salaries travelling to work in the more prosperous districts of the city.

A prosperous Soweto and Johannesburg demands that we create booming businesses close to where the majority of people live to reverse the ebb and flow of apartheid spatial planning.

The most important way for Soweto to succeed is to give its residents title deeds. With title deeds, people can build a home to pass on their children, and have the collateral to access funds to establish their own businesses.

The former ANC mayor of Johannesburg, Amos Masondo promised title deeds to Soweto’s residents and businesspeople, to date, almost none have been handed over.

When the DA wins Johannesburg, we will fast-track title deed handover so that citizens are empowered to own their own homes.

We also promise that through effective asset management we will better maintain the city’s rental stock so that people live in dignified conditions

In step with these changes we will end the corruption in housing beneficiary lists and make the process transparent.

Soweto is at the heart of the DA’s promise to bring change to Johannesburg.