Democratic Alliance Tladi Branch marches for jobs

The Democratic Alliance recently marched against the high unemployment rate in Tladi, Soweto.

In attendance was the Soweto West constituency Chairperson, Motau Maloma, DA ward 21 branch chairperson and aspirant candidate for 2016 local elections, Samson Tsagae, ward 21 PR Councillor, Given Mogane, DA Activists and the Tladi Community members.

Unemployment is the primary challenge in the lives of South Africans at present and the march demonstrated the DA’s commitment to presenting solutions to this issue.

The event saw engagement with unemployed members of the community who interacted with the DA activists and spoke of the hardships unemployment brought to them and their families.

Thato Moletsane, a 24 year old man from Tladi, relayed the story of how unemployment and the lack of opportunity to access employment has stripped him of his dignity as his family looks up to him to provide.

The DA set aside the month of January as a Jobs month, during which we will campaign to highlight the increasing unemployment rate under the current economic climate and offer the solutions we have as a party, to help improve our economy and its ability to create job opportunities.

On Thursday, 07 January 2016, the DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane launched the Party’s January Jobs Campaign in downtown Johannesburg. Maimane unveiled a billboard, with a ticker that shows the additional number of people who have become jobless since President Zuma took office: 1 842 000 so far, and increasing by an average of 774 per day.

At the launch, our Leader said that job creation was the best way to fight poverty and thus ensure the happiness, health, safety and prosperity of our collective citizenry. The Tladi march echoed this statement.

We are the only party that cuts corruption and creates jobs.

The DA Jobs Campaign highlights the Party’s five-point plan to reduce the levels of unemployment in South Africa:

  • Invest in infrastructure
  • Improve education
  • Change labour laws
  • Reward businesses that create jobs
  • Create a nation of entrepreneurs

A DA-led government would immediately implement policies to put our five-point plan into action.

We are set on winning Johannesburg in this year’s local elections. We want to bring change to Tladi and the rest of Johannesburg, a change that stops corruption and starts service delivery. We want to bring positive change to the people of Tladi and create employment opportunities.

Media Enquiries

Samson Tsagae

Chairperson for Ward 21 in the City of Johannesburg Municipality

079 468 4494


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