DA Debates Gauteng 2014/15 Community Safety Annual Report

Speech by: Kate Lorimer MPL

“Real political commitment only way to achieving practical crime fighting strategies”

  • Gauteng leads all of South Africa with the highest number of crimes reported in 25 out of 27 crime categories.
  • An average of 10 people are murdered, 144 people are grievously assaulted and there 23 incidents of rape every day in this province.
  • Advocacy Group, Corruption Watch indicates that most of the corruption complaints they get come from Gauteng.
  • The Department needs new priorities as well as a new strategy and real political commitment to ensure that the people of Gauteng are safe and protected.

The full speech can be obtained here.



Speech by: Michele Clarke MPL

“Vigorous oversight and monitoring only way to keep Community Safety Department accountable”

  • During the year under review 2525 firearms were stolen and only 1043 firearms recovered this shows an increased rate of 41.3% in comparing to the previous year.
  • The approval of overtime has been totally mismanaged as seen by the department’s overtime claims amounted to just under R20 million.
  • Civilian oversight did not do well in the 2014/15 review and only reached 50% of its target. Police stations monitored and evaluated in line with existing policing strategies, were not met.
  • A caring government would ensure that our law enforcement agencies take crimes against women and children seriously, and vigorously implement the Domestic Violence Act.

The full speech can be obtained here.



Media enquiries:

Kate Lorimer MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety

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Michele Clarke MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Community Safety

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