DA submits petition calling on EMM and Rand Water to appear before Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Water & Sanitation

The Democratic Alliance has submitted a petition to Parliament calling for both Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality to appear before the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation.

Gauteng, and the rest of the country, is experiencing the worst drought in 23 years.

In Ekurhuleni this drought has been compounded by poor management by Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality (EMM), which has resulted in water shortages in the municipality and many households’ taps running dry.

To date over 1200 residents have signed the petition, which calls for the Portfolio Committee to interrogate Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro to give deadlines as to when:

  1. Rand Water will install independent power supplies at all of its pump stations;
  2. Ekurhuleni Metro will implement the computerised telemetry system – so that they can verify, at a push of a button, the levels of water at their reservoirs, instead of using the sick method;
  3. Their action plan to repair water infrastructure as Ekurhuleni is losing 39.8% of all its water; and
  4. The reasons why the financial statements submitted to Gauteng Treasury showed that at the end of the 2014/15 financial year in June, the Ekurhuleni Metro had only spent 48% of the R127 million budgeted for waste water management and had failed to spend 46% of the R333 million allocated to water services.

Residents who have not signed the petition can still do so by going to the following link www.petitions24.com/water_crisis

Media Enquiries:

Mike Waters MP

DA Lethabong Constituency Head

DA Deputy Chief Whip in Parliament

082 902 4523