Gauteng Premier and MECs to face questions for oral reply

Tomorrow, 1 December 2015, DA members of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature will pose oral questions to Gauteng Premier David Makhura and Members of the Executive Council (MECs).

A number of issues will be covered, including the Public Service Commission’s recent report on the State of the Public Service in Gauteng, the impact of the drought and water crisis on the province, as well as the investigation into Emfuleni officials taking bribes from artists.

Click here to view the DA’s questions.

Date: 1 December 2015

Time: 10h00

Venue: Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Johannesburg.

There will be opportunities for interviews and photographs. Members of the media are welcome to attend.


Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

DA Gauteng Director: Communications and Research

060 963 8260

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DA submits petition calling on EMM and Rand Water to appear before Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Water & Sanitation

The Democratic Alliance has submitted a petition to Parliament calling for both Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality to appear before the Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation.

Gauteng, and the rest of the country, is experiencing the worst drought in 23 years.

In Ekurhuleni this drought has been compounded by poor management by Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality (EMM), which has resulted in water shortages in the municipality and many households’ taps running dry.

To date over 1200 residents have signed the petition, which calls for the Portfolio Committee to interrogate Rand Water and the Ekurhuleni Metro to give deadlines as to when:

  1. Rand Water will install independent power supplies at all of its pump stations;
  2. Ekurhuleni Metro will implement the computerised telemetry system – so that they can verify, at a push of a button, the levels of water at their reservoirs, instead of using the sick method;
  3. Their action plan to repair water infrastructure as Ekurhuleni is losing 39.8% of all its water; and
  4. The reasons why the financial statements submitted to Gauteng Treasury showed that at the end of the 2014/15 financial year in June, the Ekurhuleni Metro had only spent 48% of the R127 million budgeted for waste water management and had failed to spend 46% of the R333 million allocated to water services.

Residents who have not signed the petition can still do so by going to the following link

Media Enquiries:

Mike Waters MP

DA Lethabong Constituency Head

DA Deputy Chief Whip in Parliament

082 902 4523


DA Debates Gauteng 2014/15 Health Annual Report

Speech by: Jack Bloom MPL

“Gauteng health department on the verge of sinking”

  • In the period covered by this Annual Report, only 86 out of 160 targets were met, which is 54%.
  • Steve Biko Hospital is the only hospital in Gauteng that is assessed as being compliant with the non-negotiable extreme measures to prevent unnecessary harm or death.
  • R157 million was spent last year on settling court actions for medical negligence, and the figure this year is likely to be higher still.
  • Medico-legal claims rose by R3.5 billion from R6.6 billion to R10.1 billion.
  • We have enrolled more than one million people on anti-retroviral therapy in the last ten years, but only 700 000 are currently still on treatment.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Neil Campbell MPL

“Departmental targets mean nothing if there is no delivery”

  • The AG is concerned by the many Departmental late payments to suppliers amounting to over a billion Rand.
  • Of the 160 set targets in the Annual Performance Plan, only 55% were achieved.  However, no monetary savings were noted so we overpaid for what was attained.
  • The ongoing problems associated with Community Healthcare Workers including non-payment of stipends, provision of infection control measures and career pathing must be addressed.
  • On numerous occasions the DA have called for a reliable computer system for the Department which must deal with patient informatics and be a reliable financial tool.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Media enquiries:

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

082 333 4222


Dr Neil Campbell MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport

082 387 2540

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COGTAHS Annual Report 2014/15 Debate

Speech by: Fred Nel MPL

“Local government is the engine room of service delivery”

  • No performance assessments were done during the year under review.
  • The ICT strategy remains uncompleted and as an important backbone of modern strategic implementation.
  • Intergovernmental relations remain an area of lip service rather than concrete implementation of the legislative framework.
  • Too many of the department’s strategic objectives are dependent on outside bodies, mainly municipalities, to implement.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Lebo More MPL

“Gauteng COGTAHS department asks more questions than provides answers”

  • Paying service providers within 30 days is still a problem that needs to be sorted out.
  • Small and emerging businesses find it tough to survive in an environment where they are expected to continuously render services whilst payments are forever delayed.
  • The DA believes in a government that is efficient. A government that responds to the needs of the people.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Media enquiries:

Fred Nel MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

083 863 2427


Lebo More MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Petitions & COGTAHS

082 450 0815

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DA Debates Gauteng 2014/15 Human Settlements Annual Report

Speech by: Fred Nel MPL

“Gauteng housing requires radical makeover”

  • The current format of RDP housing contributes towards urban sprawl and increased infrastructure maintenance costs for municipalities.
  • Currently the department is unable to administer, roll out or effectively monitor its purpose and function as provided for in the Constitution and the Housing Act by providing housing for the poor and the establishment, development and maintenance of economically viable communities.
  • Gauteng requires sound policies implemented in a well-managed and responsible manner, address spatial development inequalities as a result of our past, and promotes economic growth that creates jobs.
  • Gauteng’s rapid urbanisation requires the creation of densified communities, private sector incentives and proper social and economic integration.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Speech by: Lebo More MPL

“Non-delivery leaves Gauteng residents destitute”

  • The Department needs to produce the list of beneficiaries of over 50 houses it claims to have built in Sokhulumi. The department’s annual report says that the houses had been built, but when the portfolio committee went there it didn’t see any.
  • The ANC itself admits that: “we promised people in the beginning of the financial year, through annual targets, that we will uplift you – yet we have failed to achieve these promises”.
  • Gauteng’s people need hand-ups and not hand-outs.

The full speech can be obtained here.


Media enquiries:

Fred Nel MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

083 863 2427


Lebo More MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Petitions

072 273 4487

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Gauteng Education MEC Needs To Clarify Village Waldorf School Registration Status

Village Waldorf School – Rietvalleirand

Residents, school learners, teachers, school management and parents are experiencing great difficulty over the uncertainty of whether the Village Waldorf School in Rietvalleirand, Tshwane, is registered with the Gauteng Education Department or not.

In a reply to a DA question, the MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi said that the school is not registered with the department and that it is set to shut its doors pending an investigation.

Members of the community have raised concerns about the MEC’s remarks.

However, according to the Department’s Director of the Independent Schools Division, Mr Mazengelonke Mdingi, the school is registered and all was in order.

Bearing the Brunt of Uncertainty

The Department of Education seems to be odds with itself, as the MEC’s statement contradicts that of Mr Mdingi.

In all of this confusion, the school’s learners and teachers are bearing the brunt of uncertainty, and may be forced to find alternatives should the school be shut down.

Allowing this confusion to linger any longer will cause major disruptions going forward, and may cause parents to withdraw their children as a result.

Equally, if the school meets required standards as an independent school, it deserves unequivocal confirmation so they are certain about their status.

The MEC must clarify the school’s registration status and should the need arise, commit to a deadline by when action will be taken.


Media Enquiries:

Khume Ramulifho, MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Education

082 398 7375

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Ekurhuleni Speaker enforces fascist behaviour in council



Speaker of the Ekurhuleni Council, Patricia Kumalo, has jackbooted over democracy by using the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police (EMPD) to forcefully prevent myself and two of my colleagues from carrying out our constitutional role of oversight.
Myself, Paul Willemburg MPL and Jordan Lotriet – a DA member, were present at the monthly Council meeting in Germiston this morning, seated in the public gallery among journalist and concerned residents of the Metro.
Willemburg and Lotriet were taking pictures of the proceedings, like many others in the gallery when the Speaker singled out Willemburg and Lotriet and ordered EMPD officials to forcefully remove them from the gallery.
She insisted that the EMPD delete any photographs and videos they may have on their phones of the day’s proceedings – illegally, before returning them to the chamber.
Upon return, Speaker Kumalo then singled me out and ordered EMPD to subject me to the same rough and barbarous treatment.
Despite not having taken photographs or videos, my phone was forcefully taken from me and, without a warrant, searched.
As a member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature, oversight over local government performance is critical.
This move by ANC is a warning to voters who next year have the power to get rid of tyranny and elect a government that is for freedom, not against it.
I have laid charges against Patricia Kumalo at the Germiston Police Station and will ensure that this fascist act this does not become the norm.
Media Enquiries
Ashor Sarupen MPL
DA Springs-Daveyton Constituency Head
076 334 5147

Illegal window washers: DA acts with JMPD and SAPS

Residents and motorists in the East Gate and Bruma areas have complained to DA’s spokesperson on Public Safety Councillor. Michael Sun about the growing window washer problem at the intersection of N3 and Marcia street.

Residents claim that the window washers specifically target female drivers. There are also criminals using window washing as a distraction whilst  their accomplices conduct smash and grabs or open car boots to rob motorists.

Clr Sun says “I have witnessed window washers acting aggressively towards motorists on a number of occasions at this intersection”, “window washers will squirt soap onto windscreens and only clean half of the windscreen and ask for money, if no money is given, they will purposely leave the driver’s side of the windscreen unwashed and covered in soap, which not only puts the lives of motorist at risk but is also illegal”.

A swoop operation was carried out on the 23rd November 2015 by JMPD and SAPS. Councillor Sun and ward 118 Councillor Mike Spadino joined JMPD and SAPS in the operation. Six illegal window washers were arrested and taken to the Cleveland police Station.

When the illegal window washers saw the JMPD and SAPS vehicle approaching, they ran in all directions, Clr. Sun personally gave chase and assisted JMPD officers to apprehend some of the illegal window washers.

Clr. Sun says” it is crucial that visible and constant policing needs to be present to minimise this problem but it is also important that the community assists SAPS and metro police officers in doing their jobs”, “as a start, motorists need to be vigilant and not to encourage these illegal window washers”.

Clr. Sun expresses his gratitude on behalf of the community for the good work done by Sgt Bolsen and Sgt Mackett and the team they lead from JMPD and the officers from SAPS Cleveland for their assistance. The DA remains commited to continue working with the JMPD and SAPS to tackle this problem.


Media enquiries

Councillor Michael Sun

Shadow MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg municipality

082 822 9340


Johannesburg must cancel smart electricity meter contract


The City of Johannesburg must cancel the R1,2 billion smart electricity meters deal with the Edison Power Consortium as a matter of urgency before the entire city’s billing system crashes.

Smart meters installed by Edison do not carry the necessary SABS and NERSA approval, a fact which has become evident by people being saddled with electricity bills of over R100 000.

Since 2013 it has been widely reported that the tender to supply the meters was manipulated to benefit Edison’s bid over that of rival bidders.

The tender was awarded to Edison a few weeks after its Chairman, Vivian Reddy paid R450 000 for a seat at President Jacob Zuma’s table during an ANC fundraising dinner.

It was at this same dinner that the president said that things would go well with businesses that support the ANC.

The people will always suffer when the president and his cronies put the ANC before all else, and this situation is no different.

The city refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing with the contract, refuses to acknowledge that there problems with the meters, and officials are making very little or no effort to sort out people’s billing problems.

The people have to carry the burden of the ANC’s greed, and the DA firmly believes that the ANC will punished at the polls next year.

It is a well-known fact that local municipalities with the DA at the helm are better able to deliver services and create better living conditions. In DA-led municipalities contractors are appointed based on their skills and knowledge, and not on the basis of political connections.

For the past five years the DA has been working tirelessly to take over the reins in Johannesburg.

And our time is coming. Since last year we have redoubled our efforts to reach voters in their homes, showing them the DA difference and how life is better where we govern.

We love this city.

Change is coming to Johannesburg, because people know, that where the DA governs, life is better.

Media enquiries:

Cllr Vasco da Gama

DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader

082 957 8581

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Mamelodi Hospital short of staff and beds


The biggest problems at Mamelodi Hospital are shortage of staff and beds, which leads to unacceptable long waiting times.

This is our conclusion after a visit this morning by DA MPL Jack Bloom and Strike Tshabalala, Gauteng Chairperson of the Treatment Action Campaign and Goodness Mbatha, TAC branch organiser.

We met with Acting CEO Dr Lesego Pooe and visited the casualty, maternity and neonatal units.

We were shocked to find that the measured average waiting time at casualty is 200 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes) as opposed to the benchmark of 100 minutes.

This is completely unacceptable and needs to improve as soon as possible.

Dr Pooe said that a major part of the problem was that many patients should go to the casualty at local clinics like Stanza Bopape rather than the hospital which is over-crowded. We agree that the community does need to be educated on using clinics more often when appropriate, but the Mamelodi Hospital casualty needs to be expanded with sufficient staff as well.

Another problem area is that 25 new-born babies are in the neonatal ICU which only has 16 incubators. We saw warmers with two babies lying next to each other which is an infection risk.

This hospital is desperately short of nurses – only 155 out of 445 nurse posts are filled, which means that the hospital is short of 290 nurses.

Overall, the hospital is short of 366 staff, with only 871 filled positions out of 1237 posts.

Dr Pooe said they were trying to recruit extra staff but had few applicants for the positions.

The average bed occupancy is 88% which is very high and means that some patients will not find a bed at peak periods.

We were pleased to hear that there are plans to expand the neonatal ward and the casualty but this hospital has been plagued by poor contractors who fail to do the job. We hope that the best contractor is appointed speedily, not one with political connections.

A recent example is that there were no blankets for patients this past winter because the contractor failed to supply them. Dr Pooe said that they were appointing a new contractor.

We were disturbed that most of the sisters did not wear name badges and some patients complained about the poor attitude of nurses.

The last patient satisfaction survey was done in December last year. These surveys should be done more often and action taken to improve satisfaction levels.

We did see positive things like clean floors and the pharmacy seems to work well. Dr Pooe said that there was 98% medicine availability, and any shortages were not the fault of the hospital but occurred at other levels.

We hope that the Gauteng Health Department attends to identified problems so that Mamelodi Hospital shakes off a bad reputation and becomes a centre of treatment excellence.

Media enquiries:

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

082 333 4222

Strike Tshabalala

Chairperson: Treatment Action Campaign Gauteng

079 5574488

Goodness Mbatha

TAC Branch Organiser

083 728361