Gauteng Premier And MECs To Face Questions For Oral Reply

Tomorrow, 1 September 2015, DA members of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature will pose oral questions to Premier David Makhura and Members of the Executive Council (MECs).

A number of issues will be covered, including the Premier’s recent challenge to entrepreneurs to “become industrialists and captains of industry”, government’s response to incidents of rape in schools, medical negligence court cases, the use of celebrities in advertisements to promote e-tolls, and the commercialisation of provincial parks.


Click here to view questions.

Date: 1 September 2015

Time: 10h00

Venue: Gauteng Provincial Legislature, Johannesburg.

There will be opportunities for interviews and photographs. Members of the media are welcome to attend


Media enquiries:

Willie Venter

Director: Communications and Research

060 963 8260

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Gauteng Community Safety On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

g-Fleet Accruals

The Gauteng Department of Community Safety is on the brink of bankruptcy. A recent committee report revealed that in the last three financial years the Department’s accruals have only worsened  from R67 215 million in 2012/2013 to  R 117 200 million 2013/2014  and R117 460 million 2014/2015.

The report further revealed that the poor management of accruals, the over-commitment by the Department, and poor implementation of procurement plans coupled with poor management of the G- Fleet accruals has left the department falling short on executing imperative service deliverables.

Wasteful Expenditure

Examples of careless spending can be seen in how the Department spends R 1 040 567 monthly on a building – aimed for the use of traffic officers in Kruis Street Johannesburg-  which is not been fully utilized with  many floors vacant. Another example of wasteful expenditure is shown by the monthly payment of  R 1 995 000 to a company providing connectivity for CCTV cameras in the South African Police war room which added no value to the Department acting simply as an oversight tool.

While we welcome the corrective steps that the department has now put in place, like in-housing of administrative tasks and the termination of contracts which have been draining department budgets.

Reduce Unnecessary Costs

We call on all Gauteng department’s to be proactive in seeking to reduce unnecessary costs. This can be done by exchanging best practice methods with other provinces as opposed to being reactive which is compromising on imperative deliverables.

Community Safety in Gauteng plays a critical role in other socio-economic needs of our province. Execution on deliverables cannot be compromised by careless expenditure.


Media enquiries:

Michele Clarke MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Community Safety

060 558 8309

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G-Fleet Owed R218 million By Gauteng Departments

Finance Portfolio Committee

G-Fleet, an entity of the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, is owed more than R218 million for the first quarter of the 2015/16 financial year by 10 different government departments.

This was revealed during a finance portfolio committee meeting attended by Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi.

Worryingly, MEC Vadi – under whom G-Fleet is administered, was not aware of the debt owed to the entity by various government departments.

Amounts Outstanding

G-Fleet is one of the worst performing entities in the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG), and has been plagued for years with poor audit outcomes by the Auditor-General.

Most recently, it received an adverse finding in the 2013/14 financial year.

The 10 entities and the outstanding amounts they owe g-Fleet are as follows:

  • Gauteng Department of Community Safety – R64,492 million
  • Gauteng Department of Health – R21,721 million
  • Department of Home Affairs – R53,443 million
  • Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development – R16,220 million
  • Gauteng Department of Rural Development – R12,292 million
  • Gauteng Department of Education – R12,691 million
  • Gauteng Department of Housing – R4,511 million
  • South African National Defence Force (Project Lebaka) – R5,641 million
  • National Prosecuting Authority – R6,253 million and
  • Office of the Chief Justice R20,998 million.

Tighter Debt Monitoring

While MEC Vadi has promised to address this matter urgently, it speaks to a greater problem within the GPG and the silo mentality adopted by departments.

While Gauteng Finance MEC Barbara Creecy has endeavoured to ensure that suppliers are paid with 30 days, the same cannot be said of inter-departmental transactions which equally damage the GPG’s finances.

Tighter controls need to be put in place to monitor debt and credit between departments and action must be taken against those who fail to make payments timeously.

The DA will continue to assist the GPG and provide workable solutions for a better run provincial administration.


Media Enquiries:

Adriana Randall MPL

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Finance

060 556 4342

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Join OUTA In The Battle Against E-tolls

The South African public is more than likely aware of the e-tolls being rendered on Gauteng’s freeways, and the challenge thereof by the DA and the Opposition to Urban Toll Alliance (OUTA).

With the planned regulatory changes to link motor vehicle license renewals to unpaid e-toll bills, OUTA is now gearing itself up and restructuring the organization for the longer term, in order to continue fighting for citizens’ rights, and seek an end to the e-toll decision.

In our request to assist OUTA in their quest, the DA has decided to send you their appeal, which requests that you please consider becoming a member of OUTA and to make an affordable monthly contribution to their cause.

Becoming a supportive member of OUTA is simple and easy. Click here or go to for more.

To show my solidarity with every Gauteng motorist who opposes e-tolls, I am personally contributing R50-00 per vehicle registered in my name per month, until this battle is won.

Thank you for being an active citizen and your support in creating a better South Africa.


John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

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Note to editors: The following speech was delivered by Kate Lorimer MPL during a march on the Johanensburg Central Police Station in solidarity with families, and loved ones of police officials who have been killed by criminals

We stand together here today to give our support to the families, friends and colleagues of the police officers who have been killed by criminals.

57 police officers have been killed this year alone. It is enough!

As communities we must take a stand against crime and criminals, and we must take a stand against police killings.

The men and women of the SAPS put their lives on the line for us every day in order to patrol our streets and keep us safe.

They do a job many of us would never want to do.  We must ensure that they are as safe as they can possibly be.

As the DA, we believe there are a number of interventions which need to be made to reduce the vulnerability of police officers to attack.

These interventions must focus on the under-resourcing, training and intelligence problems faced by officers.

The Institute of Security Studies has stated that training of police is inadequate, there is poor managerial supervision and there are not enough bullet-proof vests.

These all lead to officers not always following procedure and not being as safety conscious as they need to be.

A lack of credible intelligence then allows police to be sent into dangerous situations without a proper risk analysis.

International best practice must be followed by ensuring police are trained in weapon retention, unarmed combat, officer safety during vehicle stops, domestic violence situations, crowd control and ambush situations.

Police Minister, Nathi Nhleko, and Police Commissioner, Riah Phiyega, must commit themselves to immediately implement the plan announced by previous Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa in 2011, to bring down the number of murders of police officers.

Here today, we honour the courage and contribution of the police who have lost their lives to criminals, and we commit to lobbying government to ensure that their colleagues will be safer than before.

The best possible tribute we can pay to the brave police men and women who protect us, is to ensure they are given every tool to maximise their safety on the streets.

I now call for a moment of silence to honour the fallen souls.


Media enquiries:

Kate Lorimer MPL:

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety

083 642 2727


Fishy New Company Got Gauteng Security Contracts

A security company got six contracts worth R10.5 million to guard Gauteng clinics, despite being formed less than two months before the tender closed.

I obtained this information in a written reply by Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu to my questions in the Gauteng Legislature.

Bokone Bokone Guarding (Pty) Ltd was formed on 6 February 2014 and the tender for clinic security contracts closed on 28 March 2014.

Contractors were required to meet a number of standards, including being “well-established and in operation for at least five years”.

Despite not meeting this requirement, Bokone got the contracts to provide security for the following clinics:

  • Phedisong 1 Clinic
  • Phedisong 4 Clinic
  • Phedisong 6 Clinic
  • GaRankuwa View Clinic
  • Maria Rantho Clinic and
  • K T Motubatse Community Health Centre

Mahlangu concedes in her reply that the company did not meet the criteria for the contracts.

She says there is a forensic investigation into allegations of various irregularities regarding security contracts for Gauteng hospitals and clinics that were awarded last year for a total of more than R500 million.

This investigation was appointed on 12 March 2015 and was supposed to be concluded on 24 July 2015.

In December last year Mr Abey Marokoane, Chief Director of Risk Management and Internal Control, was suspended after he was charged in court for alleged corruption in the award of security contracts to West Rand clinics.

I suspect that the fishy Bokone contracts are a small part of a very large iceberg of corruption in the security contracts.

Mahlangu should ensure that there are severe consequences for contracts obtained fraudulently, including criminal charges and recovery of money.

Corruption needs to be stamped out firmly as it takes money away from badly needed services.


Media enquiries:

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health

082 333 4222

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DA Concerned Over Low Arrest And Conviction Of Gauteng Cop Killers

The DA is highly concerned over the seeming inability of the Gauteng SAPS to arrest and bring to book the killers of our men and women in blue.

In a written response to DA questions, it has emerged that 136 Gauteng police officers were killed in the line of duty since 2010.

However, only 35 perpetrators were successfully prosecuted and incarcerated for this heinous crime.

Of further concern is that none were brought to book since 2012/13.

Crime in South Africa has reached critical proportions, and the SAPS will only be able to turn the tide if officials are properly trained and equipped to do their job as best they can.

If police cannot fight crime, criminals will win; and the law-abiding citizens of our country will be at their mercy.

Tomorrow our DA colleagues in the National Assembly will table a plan to address this growing concern at Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Police, and will deal specifically with the under-resourcing and training challenges in the SAPS.

Furthermore, we will request a meeting with Gauteng Police Commissioner Lt-Gen Lesiba Mothiba asking to discuss policing needs in the province, and offer our assistance to raise this on Parliament’s Portfolio Committee.

The war on crime will only be won when South Africans from all walks of life and political persuasions work together to ensure that the brave men and women on the thin blue line are given every resource to tackle criminals in our society.


Media enquiries:

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

082 960 3743

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Ekurhuleni Metro Police Provide 24 Hour Security To ANC Councillors

A total of nine ANC Councillors and two Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) in Ekurhuleni are receiving 24-hour protection by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department (EMPD), whereas these resources should be directed to service the residents of the metro.

In a situation where there is an imminent threat to the life of a Councillor or MMC, this is common practice.

However, in this instance, there has been no imminent threat posed to these eleven people.

According to the Deputy Chief of Police in Ekurhuleni, Mr U Naidoo, in reply to a written question to the Department of Community Safety, this protection was deemed necessary due to the increased number of service delivery protests in the metro.

The following Councillors and MMCs are receiving 24 hour protection:

  • Cllr MS Madihlaba;
  • Cllr VS Mxabangeli;
  • Cllr SJ Mabaso;
  • Cllr PN kujana;
  • Cllr EN Tati;
  • Cllr VG Zide;
  • Cllr Xakambana;
  • Cllr TS Zwane;
  • Cllr CN Mabaso;
  • MMC A Mxumalo; and
  • MMC EV Chauke

While service delivery protests in Gauteng have been on the increase, they are borne out of frustration by communities whose elected public representatives fail to fulfil their constitutional mandate of providing services and improving residents’ quality of life.

By guarding these councillors and MMCs around the clock, service delivery is further negated as EMPD officers, instead of servicing the community at large, are now playing bodyguard to a select few.

These officials should return to regular duties and increase manpower to an already strained metro police force.

The DA will write to MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, and request that she liaise with her colleagues in Ekurhuleni to insist that these bodyguards return to active duty with immediate effect.


Media Enquiries:

Michele Clarke MPL

DA Gauteng Constituency Head – Benoni

060 558 8309

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Gauteng Enterprise Propeller Must Diversify To Stay Viable

Gauteng Enterprise Propeller – GEP

The DA notes the move by Gauteng Economic Development MEC, Lebogang Maile, to root out corruption in the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) which has nearly bankrupted the entity, but recommends a re-evaluation of its entrepreneur programme.

According to MEC Maile, GEP has only R30 million left for this financial year, which it still has to use to run operations and pay employees.

The entity, which has been in existence since 2005, is owed R100 million in unpaid loans.

Effective Use of Loans

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the laissez-faire approach to providing loans to entrepreneurs is no longer viable.

The DA recommends that tight controls be put in place before loans are given and that tight credit control is exercised over repayments.

However, what emerging entrepreneurs mostly need is mentorship from industry experts, for without practical application and knowledgeable insight, these loans will not be utilised effectively.


Media enquiries
Janet Semple MPL
DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Economic Development
082 462 8239

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Human Settlements Department Reallocates Kameeldrift Housing Funds

R10m to relocate Potential Kameeldrift Beneficiaries

In a recent written response Gauteng Human Settlements MEC Jacob Mamabolo revealed that R10 million earmarked to relocate potential Kameeldrift beneficiaries in Tshwane was re-allocated to other projects.

According to the MEC, the R10 million would only make provision for 483 stands, despite a departmental study calling for 1050 stands.

Last week community members took to the streets to protest over the continuous delays of the township’s development, which started in 2007.

Expanding Gauteng Population

The Kameeldrift project needs be prioritised especially since pre-planning has already taken place and initial funding for the development has already been spent.

To hold it off simply due to a shortage and reallocation of funds may only result in further dissatisfaction.

Gauteng’s population is rapidly expanding, and government needs to be more proactive to meet peoples’ needs.

The Right to Adequate Housing

At the very least, the Department could have completed the project in phases, giving residents some form of relief.

The Constitution clearly states that everyone has a right to have adequate housing, and the state must efficiently use its available resources to realise that right.

The DA will therefore submit written questions to MEC Mamabolo ask what steps the department will take to meet beneficiaries’ needs, as well as for timelines and deadlines for the project’s completion.


Media Enquiries:

Adriana Randall MPL

DA Gauteng Constituency Head – Taemane

060 556 4342

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