All quiet on the War Room front

Improved Services

In his inaugural state of the province address, Gauteng Premier David Makhura, announced the creation of a provincial Service Delivery War Room (SDWR) to improve the manner in which government rolls out services to residents.

However one year later, the finer details of this project are still unknown.

In a written reply to oral questions I put to the Premier, it would appear that while a lot of behind the scenes work has been done on this project – not much of this has been conveyed to either public representatives or to the public around Gauteng.

Inter-governmental Nature

Both MECs and Members of Mayoral Committees (MMCs) have been designated as champions of this project, but the public has yet to learn who they are and what their functions are.

Likewise, it is indicated in the Premier’s reply that officials from all three spheres of government are being deployed to War Room structures, with no specific details supplied as to where these War Rooms are to be.

Does this imply that the War Room will operate from within the identified priority wards, or is there a central coordinating point?  The reply also confirms that a large number of Community Development Workers and other officials have been trained on the War Room Case Management System, indicating a very large-scale training initiative.

However some fundamental facts remain vague:

  • Where are these War Rooms to be situated – in identified wards or a central administrative point;
  • Who is operating them and who has access to them;
  • Why has the public been kept in the dark about their existence;
  • When are they going to be fully operational; and
  • How are they to be contacted?

If the above questions cannot be answered a year from conceptualisation and formalisation of this plan – surely this will be yet again another empty promise to placate voters and not a tool to affect real change.

The DA will pursue issues around the SDWR in order to fully inform the public about this project, which seems to have been kept below the radar.

Media enquiries:

Justus de Goede MPL

DA Tshwane Constituency Head

060 558 8309

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