Tembisa Residents Turn Violent Over Electricity Disconnections

Residents of Winnie Mandela in Tembisa north, Ekurhuleni, took to the streets last night burning down the local clinic and destroying 11 municipal vehicles’ as they vented their anger over the disconnection of illegal power connections.Graham Gersbach

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) is currently carrying out a campaign to deal with illegal power connections that cost the Metro millions of rands every year.

Illegal connections are not only dangerous but they also impact negatively on the metro’s revenue collection – ultimately effecting service delivery.

While the DA condemns the violent protests in Winnie Mandela, the EMM has brought this situation upon itself by failing to electrify the rapidly expanding Winnie Mandela Section.

To further infuriate residents, EMM Mayor, Mondlie Gungubele – when visiting the area, allegedly informed residents that “we will fight you over illegal connections”, instead of providing a viable strategy to electrify the area.

Residents in Winnie Mandela who are connected and pay electricity are unfairly caught in the middle of this situation.

I will liaise with my fellow DA colleagues in Ekurhuleni to ensure that the EMM address the electricity supply in this area as a matter of urgency.
Media enquiries:
Graham Gersbach MPL
DA Constituency Head – Bronberg
060 556 4346

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