Parents Urged to Participate in SGB Elections

The DA in Gauteng urges all parents to take an active role in their children’s education and participate in the election of school governing bodies – which are set to take place from 6-28 March 2015.

The success of schools is dependent on good governance; with competent SGBs being the driving factor behind achieving quality educational outcomes.

The DA believes that the newly elected SGBs will place the interests of schools first and that school resources are used optimally to benefit learners.

We have proposed that the Gauteng Department of Education put in place training modules in order to fully capacitate SGB members.

Limited education resources should be used wisely to avoid unnecessary waste and mismanagement.

Reports on the performance of SGBs should be made public to ensure transparency, and that those members who have failed to perform are held to account. 

Media enquiries:

Khume Ramulifho, MPL

DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Education

082 398 7375

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