Have Gauteng police given up on smash-and-grabs?

kateFor the last week, a video of a smash-and-grab on the bridge at the corner of Cambridge and Witkoppen Roads, in Johannesburg, has been doing the rounds on social media. It shows the vicious and rapid nature of this crime perpetrated on unsuspecting motorists.

I am getting more and more complaints about smash-and-grab robberies and thefts from residents across Gauteng.

Often people complain that police are not interested in following up complaints and that these crimes continue to happen at the same spots, over and over again.

Other victims don’t even bother to report the incidents to the police as they believe nothing will be done.

This type of crime can be classified in a number of ways including “theft out of motor vehicles” or “common robbery”.

It is therefore difficult to know whether the increase in crime in Gauteng, in both these categories is attributable to smash-and-grabs.

It seems there are known modus operandi which are used repeatedly by these criminals, yet the police seem unable to arrest them.

Have the SAPS given up?

Gauteng Police Commissioner, Lesetja Mothiba, needs to spell out his plan of action against this growing crime trend.

Many Gautengers and police are aware of various smash-and-grab hotspots and I find it hard to believe that the SAPS cannot seem to deal with the issue.

It is unacceptable that motorists in Gauteng fear being targeted on a daily basis, in the same places.

It is the responsibility of the SAPS to keep our motorists safe.

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DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety
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