Ekurhuleni’s potholes grow like weeds

Campbell,-Dr-NeilPotholes are taking over the streets of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM).

Despite numerous requests by Councillors to have the potholes repaired, the EMM’s Road and Storm Water Department cannot appoint contractors because almost all of their senior staff are suspended pending disciplinary action.

Coupled with this, the department claims that bitumen is unobtainable.

As a result, cold asphalt is being used to “repair” the few potholes that do get attention.

Due to the rapidly increasing number of claims for damages to tyres and rims, the metro – in an attempt to shirk its responsibility, now claims it cannot be held liable for damages unless the pothole has been reported.

The metro’s attempt at escaping their duty of maintaining quality municipal roads is flawed in both law and logic.

With the drastic drop in oil prices, the metro must stop wasting public funds by using cold asphalt, and source hot-tar to repair potholes.

The EMM must finalise the outstanding disciplinary cases against senior staff.

Failure to do so will perpetuate the pothole crisis resulting in more justifiable claims against the metro by motorists.

The DA urges motorists whose vehicles are damaged by potholes to report the incident to the SAPS on either a collision report or an occurrence book entry. The case number should be used in communication with the metro.

Motorists should photograph the damage on scenes and if possible, receive testimony from witnesses.

The DA will continue to pressure the EMM to get its house in order to ensure that this pothole crisis is resolved

Media enquiries:
Neil Campbell MPL
DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport
082 387 2540