DA condemns ongoing looting in Soweto

KhumeThe DA Gauteng absolutely condemns widespread looting of foreign-owned shops across Soweto.

Such behaviour is unacceptable and reverses the gains the people of South Africa have achieved in building a rainbow nation.

This is a time when we are supposed to celebrate our unity as a people through our participation in the African Cup of Nations, and not act as a nation that has no tolerance for others.

Community leaders should provide leadership and spare no effort to restore peace and order.

We are equally disappointed by the lack of police intelligence to proactively prevent the spread of looting and vandalism. Police should be proactive and not reactive.

Police should act strongly against those individuals found to be implicated in such barbaric and criminal activities, and include those police members who stood by and watched looters ransack shops, as well as those colleagues who helped themselves.

Law enforcement agencies must spare no effort to prevent this lawlessness from spreading across the province.

All perpetrators, irrespective of their nationality and affiliation must be brought to book and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Media enquiries:
Khume Ramulifho, MPL
DA Gauteng South Regional Chairperson
082 398 7375