Blue light driver sentenced, but what about Mmemezi?

kateJoseph Semitjie, the driver of the blue light vehicle which knocked Thomas Ferreira off his motorbike resulting in permanent brain damage, has been sentenced for 5 years.

Humphrey Mmemezi, the MEC he was driving at the time, has got off scot-free and now sits in Parliament for the ANC. He never once appeared in court as a witness or otherwise.

Semitjie, throughout the trial, said he had been ordered by Mmemezi to speed, as he was late for an appointment.

It also emerged during the trial that a previous driver for Mmemezi had laid a number of complaints against Mmemezi as his attitude was one of “comply now and complain later”.

The other person who should be held accountable for his actions is the one who allowed Semitjie to drive a VIP vehicle after failing 2 advanced driving courses.

The SAPS and the ANC have never told us who this is, so presumably they too have got away with irresponsible behaviour.

I have raised the issue of Mmemezi not being held to account a number of times since the incident, and I can fully understand why the Ferreira family want him to take responsibility.

By his silence, Mmemezi shows how uncaring and insincere he and the ANC really are. He should “man up” and take the fall.

Once again, an ANC comrade is protected, showing there are different rules for members of the ANC elite who can do what they want, when they want, without bearing the consequence.

Media enquiries:
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DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Community Safety
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