Unruly SANDF personnel in Bloemfontein are a disgrace to their uniforms

Note to Editors: Please find attached English and Afrikaans soundbites by Roy Jankielsohn MPL

The DA has requested our Shadow Minister of Defence in Parliament to question the Minister of Defence about the behaviour of military personnel in Bloemfontein this week.

The DA has received reports of a military convoy that has been driving to and from the military facilities through the streets of Bloemfontein in a reckless manner that puts the lives of residents at risk. Residents report that two military police motorcycles are disrupting traffic followed by a convoy of vehicles that includes two land cruisers, transporting balaclava clad military personnel armed with combat rifles. These vehicles are forcing road users off of the road and threatening them with their firearms.

The Free State is not a banana republic and senior SANDF members should not abuse their power and state resources in attempts to act like mini-dictators with such escorts. The senior individuals who are being escorted and allowing this to take place are a disgrace to their uniforms and ranks as officers.

Civilian law enforcement authorities in all spheres of government should not allow such behaviour on our streets and arrest the individuals involved. Civilians are not obliged to follow instructions of unruly military personnel outside of their bases.

The DA will continue to fight for the rule of law to be upheld and applied to all citizens. Free State residents deserve better.