A DA government will not forget Ntabankulu like the ANC has

Note to editors: The following remarks were made by DA leader, Mmusi Maimane, as part of his #Change19 Tour in Ntabankulu in the Eastern Cape. 
My fellow South Africans,
Part of the beauty of this area is that it lies off the beaten track, far from development. But that also means it is easily forgotten by those tasked with looking after it. And that is what has happened here – the ANC government has forgotten all about you.
They have forgotten that, after all these years, you still don’t have proper houses or adequate services.
They have forgotten about the terrible state of the roads into this community, and the dangerous bridge between here and Phepheni Village that has cost many people their lives.
They have forgotten everything they once said about improving your schools and opening opportunities for your children.
They have forgotten that they once told you that you will own your land and your home.
This here is your land. You should have a title deed for your property, because this will help you achieve financial independence.
But let me tell you today: The ANC does not want you to own the land you live on. If they did, they would have fixed it by now and you would be land owners. That is what the DA is doing where we govern, so why can’t they? Because they don’t want to.
Even worse are the people who use land reform as a disguise for helping the ANC and their Gupta friends to steal billions of Rands meant for communities like yours.
There are those who may speak of land, but actually they are nothing but a front for the Guptas’ radical enrichment programme. This became very clear yesterday when a bunch of thugs went to intimidate, threaten and assault journalists who have been exposing the corruption of the Guptas and the ANC.
The Gupta proxies’ campaign to undermine media freedom in an attempt to shield a corrupt family is a new low in our country. They have been exposed as nothing but hired muscle for a massive crime syndicate.
Don’t fall for the stories of people who promise you land with the one hand, but then steal from you to give to the Guptas with the other. They are traitors, and very soon they will find themselves isolated and on the wrong side of history.
When the DA is in national government, we will make the development of rural communities like yours a priority. And this includes real, meaningful land reform through title deeds.
We will ensure that your children have access to proper schooling so that they don’t start off with a disadvantage in life. And we will implement a rural development plan that will ensure that areas like Ntabankulu municipality are places of opportunity.
In the DA you will see what it means to have a government that works for all people, and not just some.
Now you might say to me: All political parties are the same – they all make promises before elections and they all disappear afterwards. Why should we trust the DA?
And my simple answer is: Look at what happens where the DA has been put into government. Look at what we have achieved where we have been given a chance.
The Auditor General just released a report on South Africa’s local governments, and the report makes it very clear: DA-run governments are miles ahead of ANC governments when it comes to looking after the people’s money and making this money work for them in basic service delivery.
The DA has added even more metros and municipalities to its list of local governments, meaning even more South Africans now get to experience what a difference an honest and caring government can make in their everyday lives.
We know we don’t have the right to govern these municipalities forever. If we should ever start breaking our promises, we know the people will vote us out again. This makes us work harder and it ensures that we respect every last cent of public money.
What we do in these local governments, we can do in national government too.
South Africa is heading for a post-ANC future. We are heading for a time when a new coalition government will take over from the ANC in 2019 and start to turn our country around.
Change is coming to every part of South Africa including this, the home of Madiba. You will finally get what he wanted for you: democracy and real freedom you can use.
We can make a difference in your lives, but you first need to trust the DA with your vote. Not forever – just one election at a time. If you ever feel we’ve broken our promise to you, then use the power of your vote to replace us too.
But I give you my word here today: The DA will never forget you like the ANC has.
Thank you.