#NoConfidence: It is time to put the people of South Africa first

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Today is a historic day. South Africa faces a choice between corruption and a prosperous South Africa. As life is getting hard for our people, it is important that we put South Africans first.
Today MPs get to exercise their vote by using a secret ballot. I want to urge all ANC MPs to vote with their conscience today.
Let us put the people of South Africa first. Let us vote to remove Jacob Zuma so that we can start moving South Africa in the right direction.

#NoConfidence: DA march to remove Zuma

Note to editors: please find the attached sound bites in English

Today, the DA and other opposition parties will march, across the country, and to Parliament to call on ANC MPs to stand with the people of South Africa and to remove Jacob Zuma.

President Zuma has brought our country to its knees and enough is enough, he must go as the first step to removing the corrupted ANC in 2019.

Events around South Africa ahead of the Motion of #NoConfidence

We encourage all South Africans, from all political affiliations to come out in their millions on Tuesday, 8 August to defend our democracy against the corrupt and captured.
While the main march #NoConfidence will be held in Cape Town, the DA has organized events in all 9 provinces for those who are not able to travel to Cape Town.
Our Motion of No Confidence in Jacob Zuma is an opportunity for us all to stand up to corruption and get rid of President Zuma and his cabinet.
Under President Zuma the ANC has sold our country to the highest bidders, the Gupta family. The longer South Africa remains under ANC, the more devastating the damage our institutions and most importantly, our people.
Whilst the individual Members of Parliament must search within themselves to vote for the greater good of our country, the ordinary citizens of our nation will be pledging their support to get rid of the Zuma administration.
The looting of our state resources has gone on for too long.
Below are the various gathering which will be held across the country:
Western Cape
The march will commence at 10:30 at Keizersgracht Street and will end with a mass gathering outside Parliament in St John’s Street.
Eastern Cape
Main Event: Cecil Kapi Hall (Hoza Hall)
Address: Avenue A, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth
Time: 11 am
The DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader Nqaba Bhanga will be the main speaker
Free State
Main Event: Central Park, Bloemfontein, City Central.
Address: Fichart Street, CBD, Bloemfontein
Time: 10 am
James Letuka MPL, DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature, will be the main speaker
Main Event: Eldorado Park Stadium.
Address: Cuming Road, Eldorado Park, Johannesburg.
Time: 11 am
Makashule Gana MPL, DA Gauteng Spokesperson for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, will be the main speaker
Main Event: Crusaders Sports Club.
Address: 10 Ranleigh Crescent.
Time: 11:30 am
DA KZN Provincial Leader Zwakele Mncwango will be the main speaker
Main Event: AIC Church Hall.
Address: Across Kgakoa High School in Ramogoana 2, Moletjie, Polokwane
Coordinates: -23.7167136.29.3957741
Time: 11 am
DA Limpopo Provincial Leader, Jacques Smalle MPL, will be the main speaker
Main Event: Soccer Field, Msholozi Location.
Address: White River Road.
Time: 10 am
DA Mpumalanga Leader, James Masango MPL, will be the main speaker.
Northern Cape
Main Event: Kimberley Sol Plaatjie Municipality,
Address: Kemo Hotel
Time: 9 am
The DA’s Ishmael Obray will be the main speaker.
The DA encourages all South Africans, from all political affiliations to come out in their millions to defend our democracy against the corrupt and captured.

#NoConfidence: Mbete continues to put the ANC before Parliament

The DA notes with concern comments made by Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, relating to the upcoming Vote of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma.
Speaking to media at the ANC’s National Policy Conference 2017, Mbete responded to a question about the secret ballot by urging individual MPs to toe the party line.
She is quoted as saying that: “In as far as the question of secret or not secret [ballot], I think individuals can think whichever way they want to, but whereas a Member who was sent to Parliament by a political party, you owe it to that party to take a position as guided by it.”
Mbete’s comments show that, when faced with the inherent conflict of her role as Chairperson of the ANC and NA Speaker, she does not hesitate to put party before Parliament.
It is alarming that Mbete feels free to speak so candidly about the “obligations” of ANC MPs precisely when she is called upon to apply her mind and decide on the matter of the secret ballot.
The Constitutional Court was unequivocal in its 22 June ruling. Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, in considering if the Constitution provides for a secret ballot, noted that “Members of the ruling party are also at liberty to vote in a way that does not always have to be predetermined by their parties”.
He elegantly adds that “[e]ach Member must, depending on the grounds and circumstances of the motion, be able to do what would in reality advance our constitutional project of improving the lives of all citizens, freeing their potential and generally ensuring accountability for the way things are done in their name and purportedly for their benefit”.
Mbete must not lose sight of her responsibility as Speaker of the National Assembly, and the fact that she is both empowered to decide on the matter of the secret ballot and will, in all likelihood, preside over the motion of no confidence. She must choose her words carefully.
As Mogoeng rightly notes, “accountability is necessitated by the reality that constitutional office-bearers occupy their positions of authority on behalf of and for the common good of all the people”.

#NoConfidence: South Africans must unite as a date is set for the end of Zuma’s ruinous presidency

The DA welcomes the decision by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to schedule the DA-sponsored Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma for 3 August.
I have twice written to the Speaker since the Constitutional Court ruled on the matter of the secret ballot on 22 June. Finally, we have been given a date.
We call on Mbete to timeously apply her mind and make a decision on the secret ballot, as the Constitutional Court reaffirmed is within her discretion.
South Africans should be buoyed by the fact that Jacob Zuma’s ruinous presidency could come to an end in a month’s time. All that is required is for their representatives in Parliament, irrespective of party affiliation, to do the right thing.
Zuma’s presidency has been an unrelenting and unmitigated disaster for this country, especially for those unable to find work who now number a staggering 9.3 million people.
It is the recent revelations of state capture and the weekly revelations of how the Gupta and Zuma families colluded to loot and pillage the state that should leave individual Members of Parliament with no doubt in their minds how they should vote on 3 August.
The end of the Zuma presidency is in sight. South Africans should use the coming weeks to unite in purpose and make it clear to those who represent their voices in Parliament that when the Motion of No Confidence in President Zuma is put to the House, they must vote with a resounding “AYE”. We call on all South Africans to join the DA and take to the streets on 3 August to bid Zuma and his cronies ‘good bye’.

#NoConfidence: DA to meet with Speaker to push for a date for the debate

It is has now been a week since I wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, calling for the DA-sponsored Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma to be scheduled at the earliest available opportunity.
This followed the 22 June Constitutional Court’s ruling on the matter of the secret ballot.
South Africans have, however, been treated to a deafening silence by Mbete save for a statement by Parliament noting that the Speaker “will … ensure the judgment is given effect”.
I have thus requested an urgent meeting with the Speaker to discuss the scheduling of the Motion of No Confidence. Parliament’s Third Term is scheduled to commence on 31 July and the Motion of No Confidence can and should take place on the very next day, 1 August 2017.
It appears that Mbete is prioritising the ANC policy conference, and her role as ANC Chairperson, instead of her Constitutional role as Speaker of the National Assembly, for which she is paid R2 716 798 per annum.
NA Rule 129 is clear that the Speaker alone has the responsibility to schedule the motion and in doing so she must accord it urgent priority. She cannot drag her feet on this any longer.
Mbete must now prioritise her role as Speaker and act in the interest of the country by scheduling the DA’s motion of no confidence without delay.

#NoConfidence: ANC MPs should abide by their oath of office and put South Africa first

The ANC’s press briefing today, setting out the party’s continued support for Jacob Zuma, shows more clearly than ever before just how much it has changed.
It is no longer the party of uTata Madiba and many others who fought for our precious Constitutional Democracy.
It is a party that will allow our economy to be captured by those who are more concerned with lining their pockets, than putting the best interests of more than 9 million unemployed people first.
Indeed, it is now clear that Jacob Zuma is the ANC and the ANC is Jacob Zuma.
The ANC cannot be exempt from their role in the crisis our country faces today. They have allowed a culture of impunity to take root, defending Jacob Zuma at every turn, breaking institutions in the process and undermining our democratic project as a result. This is what allows an arrogant man to fire top-performing Ministers whenever he chooses.
The ANC cannot be “saved” and it will not “self-correct”. What we have seen over the last two weeks, in particular, and over the last ten years, in general, is a corrupted organisation now expressing its corruption in more visible ways.
South Africa needs real change to move our country forward again.
It is now up to our Parliament to do what the Constitution has asked us to do, and protect our democracy. This is the institution that hired Jacob Zuma and it is the only institution that can fire Jacob Zuma.
The DA continues to have faith that individual Members of Parliament will see the light during the Motion of No Confidence debate. We urge them to ignore their party bosses, and their determination to defend corruption, and put South Africa first.
This is what our oath of office demands of each and every one of us. We have sworn to be faithful to the Republic, and obey, respect and uphold our hard-won Constitution.
Now is the time to do so. We call on all Members of Parliament, no matter their political affiliation, to stand up for our country, and put our economy, democracy, and Constitution first again by removing President Jacob Zuma.

#NoConfidence: Parliament must reconvene as crisis intensifies

Yesterday’s decision by Standard and Poors Global Ratings Services to downgrade South Africa’s sovereign credit rating to “junk status” only emphasises the need for the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to reconvene Parliament immediately.
President Zuma’s midnight Cabinet cull has precipitated a crisis and S&P has responded with a resounding vote of no confidence in the president and his new cabinet of lackeys. Other ratings agencies are sure to follow suit.
One of Parliament’s key Constitutional functions is “scrutinising and overseeing executive action” and holding the Executive to account. It is therefore incumbent on Mbete to call an urgent sitting of the House to debate the Motion of No Confidence proposed by the DA on 30 March. It is inconceivable that in a time of national crisis the lights remain off in the People’s Parliament.
Mbete committed to consulting with the Leader of Government Business and the Chief Whip on 2 April, and has surely done so by now. All that remains is for her to schedule a sitting.
The time has arrived for Mbete to put the institution of Parliament before the president she slavishly shielded from accountability during previous crises. She cannot be seen to be dithering – Zuma’s recklessness is already costing South Africa dearly.

DA calls on all South Africans to join this Friday’s March for Change

Over the past 72 hours, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has been inundated with requests from a host of concerned citizens – from all backgrounds and walks of life – who want to take part in the growing movement calling for Jacob Zuma to be removed as President of South Africa.
As the DA, we are seeking to bring together all like-minded South Africans who want to see change, and who want to stop the corruption and state capture at the heart our government. This includes civil society, religious organisations, business groups, and political parties – including the honourable citizens inside the ANC that wish to help in restoring our Constitutional order.
This is not a party political matter. It is a matter of urgent national importance, which affects all of us as South Africans, and thus transcends party politics.
Therefore, in the interests of this ever-growing movement to remove Jacob Zuma, we have today taken a decision to lead a March for Change through the streets of Johannesburg this Friday, 7 April 2017. The march will finish at Beyers Naude Square in the Johannesburg CBD, where a rally will be held calling for Jacob Zuma to be removed. Further details, including times, will be communicated during the course of this week.
I would like to encourage every South African who cares for the future of our country, regardless of political affiliation, to join this March for Change. I would also like to invite all those citizens and civil society structures who are participating in Friday’s “national shutdown” to join this March for Change. Together, with one united voice, we are stronger and we will be heard.
Lastly, following public comments over the last few days by a number of senior ANC leader indicating broad dissatisfaction with Jacob Zuma, I will be extending an invitation to leaders in the ANC’s top 6, including Cyril Ramaphosa, Gwede Mantashe, and Zweli Mkhize, to join the thousands of South Africans who will be marching in a united call for Jacob Zuma to be removed as President of this country. We will create an opportunity for these senior ANC leaders to address the rally – which will be just one block away from Luthuli House – and to add their voice to the call to free our country from the reign of Jacob Zuma.
Our Constitution states that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. Not to the connected few, but to all of us.
Therefore, in the spirit of our Constitution, let us all stand up against the Jacob Zuma and his lawless, corrupt ways, and sent a clear and united message: Zuma must go!

If Zuma does not jump, he’ll be pushed

The groundswell of unity among South Africans, from the clergy to NGOs; from the Opposition to senior members within the ANC, following Jacob Zuma’s hostile takeover of the Treasury and selling of the country to a cabal of looters and liars, leave Zuma with two options; jump or be pushed.
Zuma’s self-interested decision to fire capable and trusted Treasury leadership and replace them with servants of corruption has sparked the country into action. Already, our petition on noconfidence.co.za has received close to 300 000 signatures, and counting, all calling for Zuma to be removed; a wave of protests swept across the country’s major capitals of Cape Town and Tshwane; both the Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada Foundations have spoken out strongly against the “the forces of evil, and the rogues, and the thieves who want to steal our country from us.”
Ultimately, it is the National Assembly that has the duty and Constitutional authority to remove the President when he does not act in the interests of the country, the people and the economy. The National Assembly hired Zuma, it’s now time that it fired him.
The Democratic Alliance therefore reiterates its call for the Speaker of the National Assembly to reconvene the National Assembly for a special sitting to debate and vote on a Motion of No Confidence in Zuma. This is not a DA Motion of No Confidence, it is the people’s Motion of No Confidence.
It is in the interests of the country and its future that all political parties support the removal of Zuma because in the words of former Minister Barbara Hogan and partner to the late Uncle Kathy, “Party loyalty is important, but when we are in as grave a situation as we are in today, the Constitution that we love and fought for, must take precedence over any lingering notion that party loyalty is above anything.”
Furthermore, we call upon South Africans to put pressure on their Members of Parliament especially those in the ANC to support this move to take back the country from Zuma and the self-serving and criminal elements he has chosen to surround himself with. We therefore invite all South Africans to join us on Friday, 07 April 2017, as we take this message to the ANC’s doorstep, in order to remind, Cyril Ramaphosa, Jackson Mthembu, Derek Hanekoem and others of their primary duty to the people of South Africa and the Constitution.
One man cannot hold 56-million South Africans hostage.