Bosasagate: Ramaphosa’s election slush-fund linked to former Trillian Capital director

The slush-fund used to raise money for Cyril Ramaphosa’s election campaign to become ANC President – which included the R500 000 “donation” from Bosasa – was administered by a law firm whose director appears to have links to the Guptas and their State Capture project.

A trust account named “efg2” – administered by law firm Edelstein, Farber and Grobler (EFG) – was the account into which the R500 000 Bosasa “donation” was funnelled through (and possibly many others), as admitted by the President in his letter to the Speaker of Parliament. This follows his about-turn to my question in Parliament about this R500 000 payment – which Ramaphosa initially stated was a payment to his son, Andile, for consultancy work done for Bosasa.

We can today confirm that Mr Jeffrey Afriat, a director at EFG – the law firm which administered this trust account – served as one of three directors of Trillian Capital, a primary vehicle used by the Guptas to capture the state and loot billions of rands of public money.

Afriat served as director during 2016 alongside Mr Eric Wood – at the apex of State Capture and theft of public money by the Guptas and the ANC. Afriat is also cited twice by name in Thuli Madonsela’s State of Capture report. Afriat resigned as Trillian director shortly before the Budlender Inquiry into Trillian was launched.

President Ramaphosa is now left with little choice but to heed my call and immediately appoint a full-scale independent inquiry – headed by a retired judge to be selected by the Chief Justice – to fully investigate the Bosasa scandal, which now involves the President and his family. I will today formally write to President Ramaphosa, calling for this inquiry to be established without delay.

We cannot have double standards when it comes to bribery and corruption – particularly not when it involves the highest office of the country. The President’s links to Bosasa – including all payments made to him, to the ANC and to his son, whether directly or through shell companies, third parties or trust accounts – must be investigated in detail.

Today’s reports that Bosasa’s deal with Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) was found to be irregular by the Auditor-General is yet another example of how this dodgy company operates. This is a company embroiled in allegations of fraud and corruption, having paid for security upgrades for ANC politicians; birthday bashes for Jacob Zuma; and scoring over R10 billion in government tenders and contracts.

The people of South Africa must know that this system of corruption has become part of the very fabric of the ANC – regardless of who leads the organisation. It is the entire ANC that is corrupt, not just Jacob Zuma, the Guptas and his associates. It operates as a system of corruption that locks out the poor and the unemployed – to the benefit of the politically connected few.

The reality is that the ANC cannot be reformed, it must be removed from government come 2019.

A debacle like Shiva Uranium will not happen under Joe McGluwa

The following remarks were made today by Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane, at the launch of the party’s North West Premier Campaign outside the recently shut down Shiva Uranium Mine in Klerksdorp, North West Province. Maimane was joined by those affected by these job losses, along with DA North West Premier Candidate, Joe McGluwa, and DA North West Provincial Chairperson, Carin Visser.

Fellow South Africans

The Guptas may have left our shores, but their legacy will live on for a long, long time. This mine here, Shiva Uranium, stands as a monument to the corruption of the ANC and their project of selling our country to the Gupta family.

Today the mine has failed and the Guptas have fled, but for the hundreds of workers here the nightmare continues. Since July almost 200 Shiva employees have not received their salaries.

When the Guptas took over here, they spoke of 4500 jobs that would be created. In the end barely 800 jobs were added, and that number is even lower after retrenchments in December.

They have left the environment here unusable for farming, they have left farm workers’ houses in the area damaged by mining explosives and they have left the mine at serious risk of flooding and sink holes as no water is being pumped out.

In place of the Guptas have come the Zama-Zamas – armed men with night vision equipment who are not only mining illegally, but also looting the mine for metal, copper wire, vehicles and other equipment.

This mine is a legacy of not only the Guptas, but also of the ANC government – both national and provincial. Because much of the state capture looting happened in provinces where Zuma’s loyal lieutenants like Supra Mahumapelo and Ace Magashule allowed the thieves to run riot.

And despite all the talk of rooting out corruption, no one in the ANC has faced any consequences for the biggest heist in the history of our democracy. I assure you, under a DA government this will not happen. Under a DA government anyone found guilty of corruption will be sent to prison for 15 years. That’s the only way to deal with this scourge.

In the meantime, while the rest of the country tries to find answers and closure to State Capture in the Zondo commission, let us not forget that for the workers here at Shiva Uranium there will be no closure until they get paid what they are due so that they can take care of their families.

Many of these families have joined us here today. They are desperate for answers and they are desperate for the money they are owed. But they have also realised that these answers will not come from the ANC government.

Let us also not forget that this mine is not all the Guptas have left behind. They also left behind debt of more than R280m – money borrowed from the Industrial Development Corporation to purchase this mine.

Yes, the Guptas may have fled. Supra may have been replaced here in the North West. Zuma may have been replaced in the Presidency. But nothing has changed – not here at this mine, not in this province and not in national government.

This is the same ANC that oversaw the tragic events that took place at Marikana six years ago, for which no one has faced real consequences. This is the same corrupt ANC that still presides over the same failed economy with the same failed policies.

Even those cadres exposed as Gupta stooges in the ANC’s provincial and national governments were kept on under Cyril Ramaphosa. Some were even promoted to Deputy President and Secretary-General.

And instead of ensuring that what happened here at Shiva doesn’t happen elsewhere, the ANC government’s new version of the Mining Charter will do the exact opposite. It is custom designed to achieve more of these transactions.

Fellow South Africans,

We need change in our country. And not the superficial change of a “New Dawn” with endless talk shops, roadshows and task teams that never get round to doing anything. We need real, tangible change that can be seen and felt in communities across the country.

And nowhere is this more evident than here in the North West province. This place was run like a massive mafia syndicate by Supra Mahumapelo, with millions of Rands worth of tenders going to the Guptas and other connected individuals while the province was left broken and on its knees.

Last year not one single municipality in the province managed to get a clean audit, and eight municipalities and ten provincial departments have been placed under administration.

Schools here have failed, roads are pot-holed and raw sewage runs down the streets of many communities. This province is on the verge of collapse, but arguably the biggest failure of all is that the North West has a broad unemployment rate of over 43%.

Almost half the working age population of the North West cannot find jobs, and most of these people are under the age of 25. Young people have been let down by this government. Many of them feel they have to leave the province in search of opportunities. This is not the South Africa and the North West province we want to see.

There is only one party that can bring change to the North West, and that party is the DA. Only the DA has a plan to unlock the potential in our economy by making it attractive to investors and by supporting new small businesses.

Only the DA has a mining policy that will enable mines like Shiva Uranium, as well as all the other gold and platinum mines in the province, to flourish and provide jobs.

Only the DA can run the kind of clean, corruption-free government that sees all the people’s money spent on services for the people.

And the man who will lead the charge for the DA as our premier candidate in this province is the hard-working, principled Joe McGluwa.

Joe will offer this province everything that Supra Mahumapelo wasn’t. He has an exemplary career in politics that spans over 30 years, starting as a councilor in the Matlosana Municipality before going on to serve as a Member of Parliament.

During this time, Joe’s integrity has never been brought into question. He has served his province and his country with passion and honesty, and his colleagues know him as a humble leader who likes to roll his sleeves up and get stuck into the work.

After years of suffering under the ANC and their Gupta handlers, this province needs a man like Joe McGluwa at the helm.

He’s a man of actions, not words. He’s someone who believes in the strength of family and community. Someone for whom integrity and honesty mean everything.

And, importantly, he is someone who unites rather than divides – the type of leader committed to bringing change that builds one South Africa for all its people.

DA calls for terms of Public Enterprises DG’s settlement to be made public

The DA will write to President Cyril Ramaphosa to ask that the terms of the settlement, reportedly between public enterprises director-general, Richard Seleke, and the Presidency, to be made public.

It has now been confirmed that Mr. Seleke has left the department, but nothing has been said of the exact reasons or the terms of the settlement.

Mr. Seleke’s name has been linked to State Capture and is contained in the Gupta leaked emails. Specifically, that he gave key information on Denel to the Guptas’.

It is well known that the state capture project, headed up by the Gupta’s and with the help of the ANC, stole billions from South Africans and has directly compromised the future of the country.

It is very important that those who had a hand in giving the Gupta’s access to the public purse are exposed, fully investigated, and face the full might of the law for their actions.

Allowing Mr. Seleke to leave, without letting the public know why would compromise this critical objective and cannot be allowed to stand.

Julius Malema should appear and give evidence under oath before the Zondo Commission

The Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, has conducted what appears to be a smear campaign against the Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, alleging that he has played a role in state capture in South Africa.

Today, the minister confirmed he had met the Guptas, and although he seems to have exercised poor judgement meeting the Guptas, knowing that they were under investigation by National Treasury for their role in the Estina Dairy Project, he strongly denied he had acted improperly, as deputy finance minister and chairperson of the Public Investment Corporation.

Rather than standing on the sidelines sabre rattling, Mr Malema should now have the courage to appear under oath and give evidence relating to his allegations so that they can be properly investigated by the Zondo Commission.

Zondo Commission: DA calls on SABC to broadcast on terrestrial platforms for Nene appearance

Please find attached a soundbite in English by Team One SA Spokesperson on State Capture, Natasha Mazzone MP.

The DA has received a request from the SABC Board Chairperson, Bongumusa Makhathini, that our call for the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture be broadcast on major television and radio platforms be directed to the SABC News Editor.

We are happy to comply and will write to Group Executive of News and Current Affairs, Phathiswa Magopeni, to reiterate our call and to request that broadcasting starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene will appear and over the next few weeks, we will hear Pravin Gordhan and Barbara Hogan on how the Guptas, together with Jacob Zuma, tried to capture and pillage state resources. These are crucial testimonies that every South African deserves to hear.

State Capture has stolen so much from South Africans. As the public broadcaster and given the consequences of State Capture for the people of this country, it is in the public interest that the SABC dedicate at least one of its terrestrial TV channels and one of its radio stations to broadcasting developments of the Commission.

The DA has already written to the Secretary of the Zondo Commission, Dr Khotso De Wee, to request confirmation that senior ANC members will testify before the Commission. Numerous high-ranking ANC officials have been implicated in giving the Guptas access to state resources and they have much to answer for. South Africans deserve to hear this testimony and only the SABC can ensure that as many South Africans as possible are able to tune in.

The DA will be happy to make this request to all relevant parties so that South Africans are given the opportunity to watch or listen to how state capture could happen, who had a hand in it and who will need to be held accountable for the prolific looting and corruption that occurred.

DA requests SABC to broadcast Zondo Commission of Inquiry on terrestrial platforms

The Democratic Alliance has written to the SABC Board Chairperson, Bongumusa Makhathini, to request that the public broadcaster flights the Zondo Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on its terrestrial platforms, including television and radio.

The majority of South Africans are currently only getting mediated coverage of this crucial Commission, and only those with access to satellite television and internet connections that allow for streaming are able to watch the Commission’s live feed on a continuous basis. This leaves most people relying on news agencies to keep them updated on developments throughout the day.

Over the next few weeks alone the Commission will hear testimonies from former and current ministers Nhlanhla Nene, Pravin Gordhan and Barbara Hogan on how the Guptas, in cahoots with Jacob Zuma, tried to capture and pillage state resources. These are crucial testimonies that every South African deserves to hear.

Last week, the DA’s legal representatives wrote to the Secretary of the Zondo Commission, Dr Khotso De Wee, to request confirmation that senior ANC members will testify before the Commission. There have been serious allegations levelled against the party and its members and when they testify all South Africans must have the opportunity to scrutinise their testimonies. Only the SABC has the reach to make sure this happens.

The Zondo Commission is of profound national importance and the SABC, as the public broadcaster, has a duty to dedicate at least one of its terrestrial TV channels and one of its radio stations to broadcasting developments.

Every South African will in some way pay the price for the damage State Capture has done to our state and our economy. It is therefore paramount that the SABC broadcasts the Commission on its terrestrial platforms as ordinary South Africans have the right to know what happened and who is responsible.

Guptas are running out of places to hide

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the signing of treaties on Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters between South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This means the infamous Guptas are fast running out of places to hide as they can now face extradition to finally answer for state capture.

The Guptas, aided and abetted by the complacent and failing ANC, have been given unfettered access to billions in public money. When their time was running out, they skipped the country to yet again avoid accountability.

The DA will write to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to request an urgent sitting of the National Assembly so that these treaties can be ratified in terms of section 231(2) and 231(4) of the Constitution.

These sections hold that:

  • (2) “An international agreement binds the Republic only after it has been approved by resolution in both the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, unless it is an agreement referred to in subsection(3)”
  • (4) “Any international agreement becomes law in the Republic when it is enacted into law by national legislation; but a self-executing provision of an agreement that has been approved by Parliament is law in the Republic unless it is inconsistent with the Constitution or an Act of Parliament.”

However, there is nothing that prevents South Africa from requesting the extradition of the Gupta brothers and their associates while still in process of incorporating the agreements into our domestic law.

For far too long, the Guptas have shown contempt for the law and dodged accountability for bleeding the country’s state-owned enterprises dry.

They should not be allowed to run and hide anymore. It is time they came back to South Africa and face the consequences of their actions.

DA will pose key questions to Gigaba and Apleni on Gupta naturalisation tomorrow

The DA welcomes that the long overdue inquiry by Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs into the naturalisation of Gupta family members has finally started today.

Tomorrow, Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, and former Director-General, Mkuseli Apleni, will finally answer for their role in allegedly fast-tracking and possibly illegally granting naturalisation to members of the Gupta family.

For far too long Gigaba and Apleni have enjoyed political protection and dodged accountability for their role in this saga.

Tomorrow the DA will be posing the following questions to both Gigaba and Apleni:

  • Were they, at any point, given instructions to facilitate extra-ordinary Home Affairs services in favour of the Gupta family and associates;
  • If these instructions were given, by whom;
  • The leaked Gupta emails suggest that visas were expedited for the Guptas. Was either Gigaba or Apleni aware of the facilitation role that Mr Christians played in expediting visas for the Gupta family? Does he believe that such facilitation of the visas was proper; if so, please explain;
  • Did either have any relationship with the Guptas before granting them early naturalisation; and
  • Had either met the Guptas at their home in Saxonwold or elsewhere?

Both Gigaba and Apleni have shown that they have no regard for the law and have been complicit in allegedly selling our country to the highest bidder, for their own personal gain.

The Department of Home Affairs has lurched from one crisis to another under the mismanagement and abuse of Gigaba. The result has been the total disregard of the laws meant to govern and safeguard our country. This has also significantly undermined efforts to deal with the illegal immigration crisis in the country.

It is time that Gigaba and Apleni answer fully for their role in the State Capture project and the DA will continue to ensure that all those involved in putting their own interests above that of the country are held to account and made to pay for their actions.

David Mabuza should be in prison, not the Presidency

The following remarks were made today by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane, in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Maimane was joined by DA Mpumalanga Provincial Leader, Jane Sithole, Deputy Provincial Leader, Trudie Grove-Morgan, Provincial Chairperson, Bosman Grobler and Deputy Provincial Chairperson, Themba Mlotshwa.

Fellow Democrats,

Today we are here in the community of Rockdale, Middelburg, witnessing the harrowing effects of the disastrous decade of David Mabuza’s reign as Premier of Mpumalanga.

In this community a cluster of RDP homes was built using millions of rands of public money. During my walkabout I encountered the real-life experiences of what many poor South Africans face daily. That is, an ANC in government which cares more about patronage and profit than the most vulnerable members of our society.

Here in Rockdale over 200 RDP houses were built, yet the intended legal beneficiaries are left in the lurch as most houses lie bare without any access to basic services. Many are occupants, but do not have title deed over the property they live in. For many, what ought to have become their family home has now become a family headache.

The quality of the infrastructure is substandard, and many of these homes are dilapidated after only months of being erected – and have thus become a target for vandalism and theft. Many occupants are left with no option but to illegally connect to electricity to cook food and provide for their families as electricity has not been connected for many houses.

Like most projects in ANC governments, there is some connected cadre who is profiting off the suffering of poor South Africans. This, sadly, is the legacy of now Deputy President David Mabuza in this province.

During his tenure as Mpumalanga Premier, Mabuza used and abused this province – turning it into his own fiefdom of patronage, power and profits. From allegations of political assassinations to muffling journalists and the media – Mabuza is the poster boy for the modern-day ANC.

This is a man who maintained his patronage network by bloating the provincial government with loyal cadres. In the 2013/14 financial year, the total budgeted expenditure of the province was R34,2 billion, of which almost 60% – or R20 billion – was to pay salaries.

This is also a man who was served with a temporary protection order which ordered him to stop harassing and intimidating businessman and conservationist in the Cradle of Life Reserve in Bayplans, Mpumalanga, Frederick Coenraad Daniel in January this year.

Mabuza’s links to Jacob Zuma and the Guptas are well known. On 26 October 2015, he flew from Johannesburg to Moscow aboard the Gupta owned Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft. He then returned to South Africa on the same aircraft on 14 November 2015. Mabuza claimed that he has accepted a ride with the Guptas to seek medical treatment in Moscow for his alleged August 2015 poisoning.

David Mabuza has left Mpumalanga in tatters, with joblessness, corruption, and lack of basic service delivery rife across the province. With all the allegations against Mabuza, he ought to have been put in jail.

Despite this, David Mabuza now holds the second highest office in the land – as Deputy President. While the people of Mpumalanga can account first-hand the disastrous legacy of Mabuza, the ANC saw fit to promote him to the position of Deputy President.

In fact, Cyril Ramaphosa threw his own Deputy Presidential candidate, Lindiwe Sisulu, under the bus in order to team up with Mabuza at the ANC’s elective conference in December last year. A marriage of compromise in the pursuit of power.

Certainly, there can be no ‘New Dawn” with David Mabuza as second in charge. Mpumalanga – and South Africa – need change, and that change can only come from a DA government that create jobs, eliminates crime and corruption, and ensures basic services are delivered to all South Africans.

South Africa deserves a post-ANC future, and that future lies in a DA-led government.

Eskom Inquiry to approach Courts to force Guptas, Myeni to testify

Parliament’s Public Enterprises Committee, in a closed meeting today, have resolved to launch an application for an edictal citation with the High Court in order to force the Gupta brothers, Dudu Myeni and Duduzane Zuma to testify before the Eskom Inquiry.
The DA welcomes this decision by the Committee. It makes it clear that we will not condone the blatant disregard shown for Parliament’s authority.
Following numerous attempts by Parliament’s legal team to serve the Guptas, Myeni and Zuma with their summonses, they have used every trick in the book to evade accountability.
The Guptas, who are suspected to be outside of the borders of the Republic, have failed to provide the Inquiry with information on their whereabouts, leaving the Committee with no other choice but to approach the Court.
Myeni has also frustrated attempts efforts to serve her with a summons, by refusing to reveal her residential address. However, the Committee has the ID numbers of both Myeni and Duduzane Zuma and we will now proceed to inform the Courts that both are registered to vote and their residential addresses can, therefore, be requested from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
Myeni is registered to vote at the AGS Lewende Waters in Richards Bay and Duduzane Zuma is registered to vote at the Saxonwold Primary School in Johannesburg.
The Gupta brothers, Myeni and Duduzane Zuma are currently scheduled to testify before the Committee on 11 April 2018. Should they fail to show up, the Committee will push for warrants of arrest to be issued.
The Public Enterprises Committee has once again proven that it will not back down on getting to the bottom of State Capture. The DA will continue to work with our colleagues across the political spectrum to ensure that all those responsible for State Capture are brought to book.