Joburg Mayor: EFF’s choice is between the DA-led multiparty coalition of change or a corrupt cabal

At a meeting of the Johannesburg City Council on Thursday, 28 November 2019, outgoing Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba, will resign, making the election of a new Mayor the first order of business of the Council.

As the Democratic Alliance (DA) we will be fielding a capable and experienced candidate, Cllr Funzela ‘Funzi’ Ngobeni. Ngobeni currently serves as the MMC for Finance and the Leader of Executive Business. The EFF have stated that they will put forward a candidate, and we assume that the ANC will present a candidate.

This scenario where there are three candidates, and the political dynamics of the Joburg Council, will most likely result in a run-off election. In terms of Schedule 3 of the Municipal Structures Act, which regulates the election of Mayors, if there are more than two candidates for the position, the Council will have successive rounds of voting. After each round, the candidate with the least number of votes will drop out, and voting will then take place for the remaining candidates.

Having consulted with our Coalition Parties, namely the IFP, ACDP, COPE, and FF+, we are confident that when the various caucuses toe their party lines, the EFF candidate will fall out, leaving the DA and ANC candidates.

This, therefore, leaves the EFF with an important decision, whether they support the DA multiparty coalition’s candidate or support the ANC, whose only intention is to reverse the progress made since 2016 and loot the people of Johannesburg’s money. Further, even if the EFF abstains the ANC will regain control of the City. No doubt there will be a return to the wholesale looting of the past.

The coming week’s vote is critical for the future of Johannesburg. In Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), communities are experiencing first-hand the damage that can be done when the EFF make the choice to sit on their hands and give the keys to the city back to the ANC. 

The excellent recovery work done by Mayor Athol Trollip was swiftly undone by the coalition of corruption, consisting of the ANC, UDM, and UF (sometimes assisted by the PF). The contrast between the DA-led government and that of the coalition of corruption has been stark. In frank terms, Nelson Mandela Bay is being plundered, it has run out of water in some areas, and some of the key office-bearers in the municipality are being investigated by the Hawks. All the while, it is the people of the City who suffer, and particularly the poor.

Like the previous DA-led NMB administration, the DA’s Mayor Mashaba has brought significant change to Johannesburg, reversing two-decades of ANC non-responsiveness and theft of the people’s money.

Some of the change brought by the DA-led multiparty coalition include:

  • The cutting of frivolous expenditure through concerted austerity measures increased the percentage of the capital budget spent on engineering infrastructure and housing from 58% in 2016 to 71% in 2019;
  • Over 900km of roads have been resurfaced, out of the 4000km of roads that lay in poor and very poor conditions;
  • A major turnaround has been made in resolving the long-standing billing crisis. The number of queries every month has come down, the backlogs have been reduced and the average time to resolve queries has been halved;
  • Investment in the City has grown by 400% from R4,5 billion in 2015/16 to R17,3 billion in 2018/19;
  • Healthcare and access to it has improved with 26 clinics across the City having their operating hours extended;
  • The forensic and anti-corruption unit established by the current administration has reawakened the fight against corruption, with over 6000 cases under investigation, totaling more than R35 billion in expenditure. This unit has managed hundreds of arrests and dismissals of corrupt City officials;
  • In a commitment to build a safe city, 1,500 new JMPD are set to be deployed following their training. This represents a 50% in the size of the JMPD force;
  • Over 7,400 households in informal settlements were electrified during 2016/17 and 2017/18 with a target of 6,500 for the 2018/19 financial year.
  • The Inner City revitalization project stands poised to transform the skyline of Johannesburg, with 139 properties awarded for development and construction has already begun.

This is but snapshot of the change we have brought to Johannesburg, and it would be sad day for the people of the City if the ANC were to be elected back to the Mayor’s Office.

We will continue engaging our coalition partners and the EFF to ensure that the people of Johannesburg come first.

Our work is not done, and there is still more to be done to build a safe, corruption-free, and investment-rich City for the people.

DA committed to multi-party coalitions, guided by policies and principles

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes the comments made by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) today, in that their party will no longer vote with the DA in any municipality where we would require their votes, and that they will abstain from voting when it comes to it.

It is unfortunate that the EFF has taken this stance at the expense of the millions of South Africans who voted for change in the 2016 municipal elections. The DA is governed by its policies and principles, which ensures that the people of our country are always put first, by ensuring the steadfast delivery of services, access to quality healthcare, jobs, an education and rooting out corruption from government.

Our arrangement with the EFF, specifically in municipalities in which no party had a majority, has worked well. We have engaged with the EFF  and have enjoyed a harmonious relationship with its councillors on a local level. Where we were able to accommodate the reasonable demands of the EFF councillors to deliver to their constituency, we have done so. Simultaneously, we have been able to interdict the wide-spread corruption that characterised the ANC administrations prior to 2016, and have transformed these governments.

We remain convinced that the current arrangement – difficult though it is to manage – is in the best interests of the residents of the municipalities concerned. Our commitment has always been to ensure accelerated service delivery, job creation, ensuring safer communities and the overall improved quality of life of all South Africans. We are unequivocal in this commitment. Our priority will always be to deliver to the people in these municipalities.

Over the past three years, DA-led governments have not only excelled in rooting out corruption, but also in transforming the lives of South Africans. The achievements in the municipalities in which the DA and the EFF cooperate include:


  • In its first year in government in the City of Tshwane, the DA-led administration received an unqualified audit and managed to create a stable financial environment by tightening controls over the supply chain management process, reducing unauthorised expenditure by 63%, while almost doubling the cash and cash equivalents held by the City, from R1.1 billion to R2.1 billion;
  • The DA-led administration banned the purchasing of new luxury vehicles for politicians and officials;
  • Sold the mayoral mansion of former mayor Kgosientso “Sputla” Ramokgopa for his personal benefit and used the R5 million from the sale to build 52 RDP houses for 40 families in Attridgeville;
  • The City has also given 1800 bursaries out to the value of R34 million; and,
  • Our efforts to attract investment have far exceeded our initial goals – TEDA has an investment target of R1.5 billion – the current investment pipeline amounts to R3.84 billion with a potential 1 850 job opportunities.


When the DA won the City of Johannesburg in 2016, it inherited a corrupt and broken city. To address corruption, the mayor created an enhanced forensic internal investigation unit. The Unit has since achieved the following:

  • The number of cases received by the Group Forensic and Investigation Services (GFIS) for the financial year 16/17 amounted to 1920 and, for 17/18 amounted to 3415.  These cases related to fraud and corruption, theft of city assets and maladministration, as well as hijacked properties; and,
  • During the 2017/18 financial year, of the 3415 cases reported, 2455 were investigated resulting in 92 criminal cases being registered, 362 arrests, 15 suspensions and 27 dismissals.

Furthermore, the DA has worked tirelessly to address a number of the knock-on effects of a decaying city, such a criminality and economic decline. Since the DA took over the following has been achieved:

  • 84 properties have been released by Council to the private sector for development through public private partnerships to deliver an estimated 4000 units for student accommodation, small business premises and even more affordable accommodation for some of our poorest residents;
  • Between 80 and 100 buildings will be released this year from the 500 properties that have been identified as ‘bad’ buildings for which expropriation processes have been initiated;
  • The rejuvenation of these buildings can truly change Johannesburg’s skyline. This process has culminated in the awarding of two tenders to develop two of these properties in Hillbrow, with the developers committing a proposed total investment of just over R204 million; and,
  • The associated buildings earmarked for refurbishment are expected to be completed in the next twelve months, availing 384 units for the residents of Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela Bay

Under a DA-led government, the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (NMB) received a credit rating upgrade from ratings agency Moody’s, which is all thanks to the DA’s ability to run a clean government. In NMB, the DA-led administration has:

  • Uncovered large scale corruption, putting a stop to R615 million worth of irregular and wasteful contracts;
  • In the 2018/19 financial year, before the Coalition of Corruption regained control of the purse strings, the DA-led administration passed the City’s largest ever operating budget, of R10.3 billion – this budget was one of the most pro-poor the City has ever seen; and,
  • In 2018, the Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality was the only city in the country that managed to improve its score on the South African Customer Satisfaction Index, making it the second most trusted city government in South Africa after the City of Cape Town, another DA-led municipality.

Since Cllr Mongameli Bobani became the executive mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, with the help of the ANC, they have attempted to reverse the good governance gains made under the DA and its coalition partners. On the 26th of June it was reported that:

  • Only 63% of the Urban Settlements Development Grant (USDG) was spent, leaving a surplus of R330 million; and,
  • Not even half of the Integrated Public Transport System Grant (IPTS) was used (48%), wasting R90 million in the process.

This is in sharp contrast to the DA’s track record in governance in NMB, where more than 90% of the capital budget was spent and a 100% of Urban Settlement Development Grant was spent in the previous financial year.

If the EFF proceeds as planned, it will erode all of the good work coalition governments have done in the past and it will hinder progress in the future. As the opposition, we have a collective responsibility to hold the ANC to account and to prioritise the interests of all South Africans. This move will only embolden the ANC to bring corruption back into the metros to which we have brought change.

The people of DA-led metros voted for change and we have made significant progress in realising that commitment. If the EFF chooses to hand over well-functioning municipalities back to the corrupt ANC, they must account to the people who voted for change and they must explain to voters why they have chosen to be an enemy of clean governance and meaningful progress.

Be brave and choose change on 8 May!

Fellow South Africans

In just three days’ time, on Wednesday 8 May, South Africa goes to the polls to vote in the most critical election since the dawn of our democracy. Never before has democratic South Africa faced such a stark and critical choice. A choice between the corrupt, chaotic ANC and EFF on the one hand, or the honest, capable DA on the other. South Africa’s future depends on the choice we make this coming Wednesday.

And I can tell you that here in the Western Cape, that fight is very close. If we are going to keep the Western Cape blue, keep making progress here, keep the corrupt, chaotic ANC and EFF out of our beautiful province, then we’re going to need every vote we can get, including yours. Make no mistake, every single vote is going to count to get us over that finish line.

The ANC and EFF are in the same Whatsapp group, bombarding people with empty promises and offering false hope. Don’t fall for their lies. They are not in this for you; they are in it for what they can get for themselves. They’ve proved that over and over again.

The DA, on the other hand, is not promising the world. But we will keep working for you, and we will keep making progress here in the Western Cape. We’ll keep taking this beautiful province forward. We’ll keep improving life for everyone in this province – whether they vote for us or not. Because our mission is to open opportunities for all, not just for some.

Our track record is what makes this mission credible because in a province with less than one eighth of the national population, over half of all new jobs were created in the DA-led national governments. The province has an unemployment rate of 14 percentage points less than the national average. Multiple reports have confirmed the City of Cape Town as the best run municipality, opportunity city and easiest city to be business in South Africa and the Western Cape the best run province in the country with the top 12 of 20 municipalities in nation from the Western Cape.

On Wednesday 8 May, you will literally hold the future in the palm of your hands. The power will be yours. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword in South Africa’s democracy. Because the real fight for freedom and prosperity is not on the streets but at the ballot box.

And this only happens one day every five years. Only on this one day can you put your hands on the province’s and nation’s steering wheel and influence the direction they take. You can propel your country and province forwards with the DA, or take them backwards with the ANC and EFF.

And don’t be fooled into thinking there is any real difference between the ANC and the EFF, because there is not. In fact, just this week, Malema confirmed that President Ramaphosa offered the EFF cabinet positions. This confirms what the DA has been saying all along: the ANC and EFF are one and the same. Both are corrupt and do not care about the people of this nation.

In the past 5 years, South Africa has gone backwards under the ANC while the Western Cape has gone forwards under the DA. There is still a way to go, but the DA has worked hard to improve life in this province. The Western Cape has seen progress in education, healthcare, infrastructure development, job creation and service delivery.

That’s why Ratings Afrika and Good Governance Africa have both just declared the Western Cape to be the best-run province in South Africa.

Children in this province have a better chance of getting a good matric, better access to libraries to broadband internet, to school meals and to after-school facilities. Everyone has better access to healthcare and quality basic services, a better chance of finding work. Our roads are in good condition. Our land reform farms have a high success rate. Public money is spent on the public.

On Wednesday 8 May, you get to choose more of this progress. If Alan Winde becomes premier, he will fight to get provincial control over policing and rail transport. Then we can build an honest police force and an integrated bus and rail public transport system in this province.

On Wednesday 8 May, you get to reject and punish corruption.

So, don’t stay home on Wednesday 8 May. Go out to vote and take your husbands and wives and mothers and fathers and aunties and uncles and cousins and friends with you. Because this is a team effort. Everyone has to do their bit if we are going to keep the Western Cape blue. To keep corruption out the Western Cape. To keep the Western Cape the best-run province in South Africa.

On 8 May, vote DA to build our province and our country!

DA exposes more of Duarte’s abuse of the press

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is appalled by the Deputy Secretary­-General of the African National Congress (ANC) Jessie Duarte’s verbal and personal attack on a media professional, Samkele Maseko.

The DA is in possession of another video where Duarte verbally abuses a journalist at the ANC’s 2017 policy conference.

It is both disgraceful and distasteful behaviour especially from someone who should at the frontline of protecting, upholding and advancing the rights of the people of South Africa, including journlists. This points to what has developed into an antagonistic attitude towards the media by the ANC.

In a similar fashion, back in 2016 Duarte launched a vitriolic attack on reporter Luyolo Mkentane. Mkentane described the attack as “bullying”.

The growing hostility towards the Fourth Estate by both ANC and EFF should be condemned by all South Africa who believe in the role of the media to inter alia expose corruption, disseminate information and hold public figures accountable.

The DA views Duarte’s recurring behaviour as careless and irresponsible from a leader and treats it with the contempt it deserves.

If the ANC of Cyril Ramaphosa respects the sanctity of press freedom, he will take strong and public action against Duarte

The DA will continue to fight for the protection of the free media and independent reporting, and we will oppose any one who attacks the freedom of the press.

If you want to bring change, make sure you’re on the voter’s roll

The following remarks were made today by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane, at the launch of  the DA’s 2019 Registration Poster in Soweto, Gauteng. Maimane was joined by DA Gauteng Premier Candidate Solly Msimanga, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, John Moodey, Team One SA Gauteng Members, and Group Political Champion, Makashule Gana.

Fellow South Africans,

As we celebrate the start of a brand new year, we must think ahead and decide for ourselves what we want from 2019.

It’s going to be a massively important year for South Africa as we head to the polls for the sixth time as a democracy. Each of us must use the next five months to think very carefully about the South Africa we want for ourselves and our children, and how we can get there.

Fellow South Africans, we have our destiny in our hands. We can put South Africa on a new road.

Your vote can change the course of your province too, and it is particularly here in Gauteng where we have the potential to bring about big change.

This is going to be the most closely contested province in the country, and victory for a DA-led provincial Gauteng government is certainly within our reach. Just think what that will mean for education, for healthcare and for the economic development of this great province.

We can win Gauteng, but to do so, every single DA supporter must register to vote.

And then, when we go to vote, the ballot paper will show a whole lot of new parties, many of which will be trying to ride the destructive wave of populism created by the ANC and the EFF. We cannot allow the populists to succeed. We must ensure that our DA message of “change that builds one South Africa for all” is the one that prevails.

But while we will see all these new parties on the ballot paper, our choice in May will really be far simpler. We will have to decide whether we want five more years on the road we’re on – with rising poverty, rising unemployment, rising crime and corruption that has become a way of life – or whether we want to set off on a different road.

On the one side of this choice you will find the ANC and the EFF, who are essentially the same thing since the ruling party outsourced its policy to the EFF. They represent greater control by the state over everything, less freedom in our economy and the same corruption that has brought our country to its knees.

They represent the threat to our Constitution, the threat to property rights and the threat to our struggling economy.

On the other side of the choice is the DA. Here you will find policies that will free up our economy, which means more investment, more trade and more jobs. You will also find a zero tolerance for corruption, which means clean, accountable government.

That is the simplicity of our choice as a nation. I know the ANC/EFF coalition of corruption will try to focus you on the past, but our country needs a government that looks ahead, towards the future. Election 2019 has to be about South Africa’s future.

And while we may still have five months before we cast our votes, the battle has already begun. One of the most important steps towards change is making sure voters are actually registered. That is where half the battle for real change is won.

Consider that in the last national election in 2014, 7.3 million voting-age South Africans were not registered to vote. That’s almost a quarter of all voters who had no say in how our country is run. Just imagine if all those people had cast their vote, how differently things could have turned out.

Don’t let the opportunity to register pass you by. The final registration weekend is set to take place on the 26th and 27th of January. If you are a first-time voter, or not yet registered, make sure you visit the voting station in your voting district between 8am and 5pm on both the Saturday and Sunday with either your green ID book, your smartcard ID or a valid Temporary Identity Certificate.

And spread the word among all your friends and family. This is your only chance to influence the future of your country. Make sure you use it.

We can win in Gauteng, and we can change this province for the good. Ten years ago we were in the same position in the Western Cape. We knew we could pull off a victory, but we also knew it would be close. The people of the Western Cape came out in their numbers and put their faith in a DA government back in 2009.

Today the Western Cape is, by far, the biggest creator of jobs in South Africa. It has the best healthcare, the best basic education, the cleanest government and the best track record on land reform. That’s what you get in a DA government, and that’s what we can bring to Gauteng too.

Each of you can play a part in delivering a caring, accountable government to Gauteng and to South Africa. But first, your name has to be on the voter’s roll.

So let’s go and register to win before we go out in May and vote to win.

DA lays criminal charges against EFF

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Limpopo has today added additional criminal charges against the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) under case number 29/12/18 at the Polokwane police station.

DA Limpopo Premier Candidate Jacques Smalle addressing the media outside the Polokwane police station.

Please find attached an Afrikaans and English soundbite by Jacques Smalle.

The DA added charges of malicious damage to property to the EFF hooligans that vandalised a Vodacom store at Mall of the North yesterday, causing damage estimated at R500 000.

We also added accessory to a crime charges for the owner of the vehicle used in this violent attack.

This violent attack on the store comes in protest to an image of Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu captioned “abusers of democracy” by a keynote speaker at the Vodacom journalist of the year awards.


Pictures of the EFF arriving at the mall that were captured by security cameras.

This deplorable act is another example of EFF tactics to resort to violence when they do not get their way, in this case it led to the damage of property and could have led to the injury of innocent bystanders or unassuming shoppers.

The EFF have continuously proven to be violent and destructive constitutional delinquents that have abused the right to freedom of expression as set out in section 16 of the constitution.

This recent attack on Vodacom for a view expressed by a keynote speaker and not the company itself is an attack on our democratic rights and is meant to intimidate anyone who dares stand up to the bullying of the EFF.

Despite the South African Police Service (SAPS) having the car used to transport the hooligans in custody and the details of the car owner, no arrests have been made. We demand that arrests be made in this case.

The DA believes in a constitutional democracy where everyone has the right to express themselves without the threat of victimisation and there is space for the disagreement of opinions.

The DA will continue to monitor any developments around this case to ensure the culprits are held accountable.

Only the DA is actively working to unite South Africans by building One South Africa for All.

Please click here, here and here to download pictures.

DA lays criminal charges against Tshwane’s Architect of Corruption

It is common cause that Tshwane’s City Manager, Dr Moeketsi Mosola, stands as an enemy of the people, service delivery and the fight against corruption. It is for this reason that I have today laid charges against Dr Mosola, Tshwane’s Architect of Corruption.

Dr Mosola is accused of interfering in the awarding of irregular tenders, most prominent of them, being the R12 billion GladAfrica contract, which has been investigated by the Auditor-General, Bowmans and the City Council. It therefore stands that there is strong evidence that he allegedly undermined the Municipal Finance Management Act. If found guilty of this charge, Dr Mosola faces up to five years in prison or an appropriate fine.

Dr Mosola also stands accused of using the City’s resources to defame the Executive Mayor, Solly Msimanga, and the Administration, which has worked to rebuild the City and to free people oppressed by poverty, by speeding up the delivery of services, stopping corruption and creating access to real, long-term jobs. Therefore, a charge of crimen injuria was laid against him. A guilty judgement for crimen injuria may result in a first offender being sentenced to a fine and a suspended sentence for a period on condition that the offender does not re-offend.

Dr Mosola is aided and abetted by a coalition of corruption – the ANC and EFF – who have frustrated Council’s obligation to place the Architect of Corruption on precautionary suspension, so a full-scale investigation can take place without interference or intimidation. Which begs the question – why are the ANC and EFF who claim to represent the poor, protecting someone accused of stealing from the poor and blocking all efforts to speed up the delivery of services.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will not tolerate even a whisper of corruption, and we will leave no stone unturned in the fight against corruption. Corruption steals from our people, especially our people who depend on the government for the most basic of services, like water, housing and electricity.

We will not allow the people of Tshwane to be held ransom by the Architect and Coalition of Corruption.

The people must always come first in our work of building One South Africa for All. Anyone who stands against this agenda, is an enemy of the people and progress.

Please click here to download the picture.

ANC and EFF rejected R355 top up for pensioners in SA

The following speech was delivered in Parliament today. 

  1. Introduction

We have powers, in terms of the Money Bills Amendment Procedure and Related Matters Act (No. 9 of 2000), to amend the Adjustments Appropriations Bill [B35-2018] in Parliament.

  1. Proposal

Which is why we proposed five amendments to the Adjustments Appropriation Bill [B35-2018] to support senior citizens, improve road maintenance and improve rail transport in South Africa.

We specifically proposed an amendment to the Adjustments Appropriation Bill [B35-2018] to increase the appropriation of the Department of Social Development [Vote No. 17] by R1.2 billion to provide recipients of the “old-age grant” with a R355 end-of-year “top up”.

We did so following a submission to the finance committee from a forum of women pensioners.

They travelled by road, all the way from Pietermaritzburg, to propose an end-of-year “bonus” because:

With our pensions we must cover the usual expenses plus the extra expenses of school uniforms, shoes, stationery and extra food because our grandchildren are on holiday and they are always hungry.”

  1. Funding

We proposed to fund the amendment to the Adjustments Appropriation Bill [B35-2018] by decreasing the appropriation of the Department of Public Enterprises [Vote No. 9] by R1.2 billion, which was earmarked for the bailout of South African Express Airways.

The fact is that South African Express Airways could be shut down almost immediately, opening space for private-sector operators who do not cost taxpayers billions of rands in bailouts.

We trust that the minister, who strongly supports shutting down South African Airways, will also strongly support shutting down South African Express Airways.

  1. Rejected

However, after nearly three hours of deliberations at an appropriations committee meeting, which mysteriously did not appear on the “Z-List”, the ANC and EFF voted against our proposal, and rejected the R355 end-of-year “top up” for pensioners.

Shockingly, they turned a deaf ear to the pensioners who must find money for the extra expenses of school uniforms, shoes, stationery and extra food because their grandchildren are on holiday and they are always hungry.

Which was easy for them to do because most members of the governing party who serve on the appropriations committee are pensioners.

But they are receiving a pension equivalent to the salary of a full-time Member of Parliament.

  1. Conclusion

What this proves in the end is that:

  • when it came to a choice between supporting pensioners who are struggling to make ends meet and bailing out a zombie state-owned airline, the ANC chose to bail out the zombie state-owned airline; and
  • when it came to a choice between supporting pensioners who are struggling to make ends meet and bailing out a zombie state-owned airline, the EFF chose to bail out the zombie state-owned airline.

Which is a disgrace considering how pensioners are battling to make ends meet in South Africa.

#VBSHeist: DA lays criminal charges against EFF leadership over R1.8m ‘received’ from VBS

Today the DA Shadow Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Kevin Mileham and DA National Spokesperson Solly Malatsi, laid charges against the EFF at the Cape Town Central SAPS Station. Please find attached an English and Afrikaans soundbite by Mr. Mileham and another English and Sepedi soundbite by Mr. Malatsi.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has today laid criminal charges against the EFF’s Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu and the party itself, following allegations that the party, through corrupt means, received R1.8 million from VBS Mutual Bank.

Reports indicate that monies syphoned from the bank were allegedly funneled through companies owned by Shivambu’s brother, Brian, and Malema’s cousin, Matsobane Phaleng.

Evidence of the EFF’s involvement in the looting is now mounting by the day. It is clear that the party, which claims to be on the side of people oppressed by poverty, has been deeply involved in stealing from the very people they claim to represent.

Not only did the EFF, as a party, allegedly receive funds from VBS, but their members, and immediate family, appear to have benefited from this looting too. Brian Shivambu, brother of the EFF’s Floyd Shivambu, is said to have received R16 million from the bank “without an apparent cause” and it was further alleged in media reports that evidence existed of Floyd receiving R10 million of that money.

The looting of VBS has affected many individual investors, stokvels, burial societies and some of South Africa’s poorest municipalities. Numerous vulnerable clients have potentially lost their life savings. It is appalling that the EFF would shamelessly steal from people oppressed by poverty – a constituency it claims to represent.

The EFF’s implication in the looting of VBS is a clear indication that the apple does not fall far from the tree – their only concern is that of lining their own pockets and enriching their henchmen. They are a true doppelganger of the ANC.

The VBS heist was not victimless – it was made at the expense of people oppressed by poverty. The victims of the EFF and failing ANC’s corruption will likely never see their money again and the provision of services in some of South Africa’s poorest municipalities are now at risk.

The DA trusts that the South African Police Services will investigate these allegations and bring the EFF to book. As well as the SACP and ANC who have also been implicated in this nefarious scheme designed to steal from people oppressed by poverty.

The DA will continue to fight to ensure that the EFF and ANC’s “Coalition of Corruption” are held accountable for their involvement in the looting of VBS Bank. The DA urges citizens to choose the party that will fight corruption, instead of voting for parties which endorse it.

VBS liquidation was unavoidable

The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes the North Gauteng High Court order to have VBS Mutual Bank liquidated.

We have long expected this decision given the dire state of affairs at the bank and have been of the view that no further public money should be spent on bailing out privately-owned companies.

This liquidation is long overdue, and the DA welcomes the fact that the public will not have to pay for the ANC and EFF’s looting of VBS.

The Prudential Authority – which operates under the auspices of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and is responsible for regulating banks, insurers, cooperative financial institutions, financial conglomerates, and certain market infrastructures – is legally obligated to apply for liquidation when it has evidence that a bank is insolvent.

Brian Shivambu, brother of the EFF’s Floyd Shivambu, is said to have received R16 million from the bank “without an apparent cause” and it was further alleged in media reports that evidence existed of Floyd receiving R10 million of that money.

The EFF also allegedly received a R1.3 million donation from the bank whilst the ANC confirmed it received R2 million from VBS.

The DA has called on both parties to pay back all the money they allegedly received from VBS. These transactions were not victimless – they were made at the expense of the poor.

Municipalities, burial societies and indeed clients are the biggest casualties of the looting of VBS and many will not see their money again.

Following the release of The Great Bank Heist report by SARB, the DA acted swiftly to ensure that individuals implicated in the report were investigated for their role in the ransacking of the bank.

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Ethics and Members’ Interests confirmed it would investigate EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu for possible conflict of interest regarding payments he received from his brother, Brian, following a request by the DA.

The EFF and ANC’s coalition of corruption has caused suffering among the poorest South Africans. Our citizens have the power to ensure these parties account for what they have done by voting for the party that fights for them.